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Bro. David Chancellor
3/31/2002 11:00 AM

If the cross was the end, there would be no celebration. It is the fact that he rose again that made him different. He was God come down to man to be a sacrifice for our sins.

Matthew 28:1-8
Mary Magdalene had seen a wondrous deliverance at the hand of Christ. She and the other Mary were headed out to the tomb on this first Easter morning. They weren't excited or joyful, but rather were long faced with much mournfulness. They were carrying the weight of the three previous days, the disappointment; the ones, that you might say, had turned and run when it seemed the thing they had so dreamed was coming had failed. They had been through three days of discouragement and perhaps were looking to the peace and quiet of the sepulcher. When they got there, the stone was rolled back, and the soldiers and guards, who were so intimidating, were as dead men, and the angels said, "Fear not ye." He told them Jesus was no longer in the tomb. Can you imagine the change that was wrought in that very short space of time? The angel said, "He is risen! Come and see! Look here's where he lay." He wanted to be sure they understood. "Now, go and tell the disciples and they'll get to see." They had been told. The women left with fear and great joy and ran to tell everyone that he was risen. They were excited. They had wonderful news. We don't have to be down and out. He is risen. Life may wear on us, but he is risen and that should stir our souls. It should make us want to sometimes run and tell others. If you are in sin, it may seem that you are at the end of the road, but the good news is that he is risen! There is a new beginning because he is risen. You won't turn over a new leaf until you get a new beginning. Your life can have as radical a change as the lives of these women did when they arrived at the sepulcher and were told, "He is risen!" It was a radical change. They didn't need the spices, the wrappings, the mournful things, anymore. They needed to run and tell, "He is risen!" Life can have that radical of a change for the soul who finds Jesus. The life of sin is full of that which is sad, mournful, and miserable, but it doesn't mean that life has to stay that way.

Luke 24:13-35
It never does tell us what these were going to do when they got to Emmaus, but after they saw Jesus it didn't matter anymore. Many things we get involved with just don't matter anymore after we meet Jesus. In life, meeting Jesus is what matters. Some things seem important, but the most important thing is "did you meet Jesus?" These had an attitude similar to the women. They had hoped and expected and looked for the redemption of Israel and it seemed that it had all died when Jesus went to the cross. It did not all die. On Easter that which looked like an ending became a new beginning. Jesus had tried to tell them, but they didn't understand. He had to show these that it was supposed to be that way. It was a fulfillment of the scripture. Christ can speak to your heart. He can open the scripture to you today just as much as he did for these. He can stir your heart to move upon it.

Acts 2:14-21
These received something that moved so on their souls that some assumed they were drunk. But these weren't drunk (God's people don't get drunk.), they had found something that moved them. But what was it? It was what Joel had prophesied and what Christ had spoken about. It was the Comforter Christ had promised to send. They had seen Christ go back to the Father. On the day of Pentecost, Peter stood and said, "This is what he promised, and what God said would come." It came because he was risen. He was God come down to man. He was greater than the prophets. He was proven to be God because he rose again! There is great significance in this: "HE IS RISEN!!!" Only God could take his life back again and rise. That which he came to bring is here.

Revelation 3:14-22
This is a sad picture of Christianity today. This is not the Christianity of that first Easter morning, or of the day of Pentecost, but of today. It is neither cold nor hot. There is a more wonderful message than that of "neither cold nor hot." Indifferent Christianity is both pointless and worthless. Indifferent - a people claiming Christ, who have no zeal for this Christ, just willing to pick up his name and add it to their lives and mosey on down life's way. The answer for Christianity: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock." Just as their hearts were enthused with the news that he had risen, our hearts can be enthused with the news that he is risen and we can know that he has knocked at our hearts' door and entered in. There is a lost world who still need to come in contact with a people who know Christ this way. They need to know that he is standing at the door knocking and he wants to move in; a risen Christ who would bring a life enthused with God. Tell the word to the world with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm - the answer for lukewarmness. en + theos = in God. It's OUR word - in God! Our work is to take the gospel to other souls, to let them know that Christ will set them free. We need to show up with enthusiasm - in God! If we get enthused, it will be hard to be still. If we aren't careful, we'll not be enthused when telling others about God. Hearts need to be fired up with the gospel about God come down to man, one who can make a radical change in the life. There should be an excitement and enthusiasm. Let God come in. Get "in God". There is a world out there making a mockery of the sin that destroys. He is risen! and your life can be changed. The world needs to hear this story, not as our Christian duty or responsibility, but with enthusiasm! A difference can be made because he is risen. What a work we can do when we are enthused (in God)! He can change the lives of mankind today. It should stir our hearts to tell the world the gospel that can change lives forever.

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