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Bro. David Chancellor
3/17/2002 11:00 AM

John 6:28-29
Jesus put an emphasis on faith. In order to do what God would have us to, we must have faith. Humanity, even unsaved humanity, is familiar with this thing called faith. The dollar bill is backed up by faith. Our business system is based on faith. Greenspan's greatest concern is that people would lose faith in the system. Faith in God doesn't have to be a mystical, hard-to-understand concept. It should come just as easily as faith in the government or faith in our fellowman. Faith is trust. It is what makes our walk with God work and function. It is built on confidence in God. There is action that goes with faith. It means acting on the thing believed.

Romans 10:8-9, 17
The heart believes, but the mouth confesses. When we are saved, there should be a willingness to say, "God saved me." A change in life will follow the belief that God has saved. Faith requires action on that which has come to us to believe. If you would build your faith, focus on the object of the faith. If you would build your faith in God, set out to learn more about God. The more we learn about God, the more faith we have in him. Our prayer may be for an increase of faith. Dig in the word and find him there. It won't just happen. If you would have faith in God, focus on God. Jesus won't bring up our past. If we will draw nigh to God, he will draw nigh to us.

2 Timothy 1:12
Paul says, "I know on whom I have believed." This is the basis of faith. You need to know him and know him well. You don't want anything to shake your faith in him. Paul was persuaded that he could count on Christ.

Acts 27:21-25
Paul's faith is shown here. He started off with an "I told you so." He believed that when God said something, he meant it. If we will seek after this kind of relationship with God, we can have the same kind of faith. Faith is not complicated. God provided us with the Bible so that we could get to know him. The Old Testament reveals God and Christ. The New Testament reveals Christ, who he was and how he operated. We can know Christ without ever having seen him with our eyes. Have you heard the report? You can come to know him, too. Faith is accepting what he said.

Mark 9:23-24
Jesus said all things were possible if trust was placed in him. Faith is getting to know the object of your faith. The fight of faith is not believing the stories spread by the liar that aren't true. When the devil comes with his lies, we need to know Christ enough to trust him. We need to have the confidence that whatever Christ has said, he will do.

John 5:22-24
God has committed all judgment to the Son - who is also our intercessor. We have a Judge that cares about us. He is trying to remedy our situation. If we hear and believe, we can have everlasting life. He has made great promises. He is able and willing to deliver what he says. He is worthy of your faith.

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