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Bro. David Chancellor
3/3/2002 11:00 AM

Zechariah 9:9-10
This is talking about the coming of Jesus Christ. It talks about a king that is different. "He is just and having salvation... lowly." This is not the typical description of a king. He rode in on a donkey - not on a strong horse. The Pharisees weren't too excited about it, but Zechariah had said to "Rejoice greatly." Here is a lowly king, riding a donkey, with a worldwide dominion. As he spoke peace to the heathen, his kingdom was extended to the ends of the earth. The message of Jesus has gone to many places, and while they recognize the government of their country, they look to a higher king.

Matthew 11:29
People need to learn of Jesus, to be meek and lowly of heart. The more the cause of Christ was opposed the further it went. Humility is a lack of focus on yourself.

John 5:30
Jesus was meek and lowly in heart. He said he "can of my own self do nothing." He was focused on what the Father would have him to do. We have a great dependence on this lowly king. Jesus knew what it was like to work. He's a lowly king. He was riding on a borrowed donkey. He could have ridden on the best; he made all things, but he didn't come that way. He brought salvation to even the lowest of humanity. The power of God is what makes a difference in our lives. Paul recognized his dependence on God. You have to be nothing if you would be used by God.

Philippians 2:3-11
"Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves." You don't need a title. Just "Brother" is good enough. Christ became a man. He had a human body. He even suffered death as a human. He took the lowly position. We shouldn't be trying to push ourselves to the front or to defend our position. Stand still and see what God can do.

Luke 22:24-27
They had spent 3 years with this lowly king, yet were fussing about who would be the greatest. Is it any wonder that Christ gave them the example of feetwashing? He came to be the humble Savior of mankind. He came to serve. He is still serving us, providing for us out of God's storehouse. The one that would be great should serve. Look for ways to serve. "he must increase and I must decrease." Get self out of the way; let God handle it. Come to the lowly position.

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