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Our Relationship to Jesus

Bro. David Chancellor
2/10/2002 11:00 AM

Luke 22:1-6
As Christ walked among men, there were those who saw what he did and who he was, yet were influenced in different ways. The religious leaders of that day sought to kill him. Even today there are religious leaders who seek to kill. Religion does not of itself cure this problem. Yet the religious leaders didn't want it known that it was them that did this. They wanted a private opportunity to remove him from the scene. Judas was one of the twelve; he went to the religious leaders. They hadn't infiltrated the group. This close associate of Jesus went to the religious leaders and then sought opportunity to betray Jesus in private. Judas had reached the point that he desired money more than Christ. We need to consider our relationship with Jesus, lest we fall in the same trap that Judas did.

Matthew 26:20-25
They were sitting down to eat the Passover. It was a representation of friendship and fellowship. As they ate, Jesus said, "one of you will betray me." It distressed the ones that weren't going to betray him. Judas asked, but he didn't have to. How Judas could have thought he could betray Jesus and Jesus not know about it is a mystery. Nothing was hidden from Christ. He knew what Judas had done. We don't want to be found in this place, where we are in friendship and yet betraying. All the disciples failed in the fear of the moment, but with Judas it was different. He made a choice to fail God. With him it was a conscious choice. If we would walk with Jesus, he must be first. We can't love anything more than him and walk with him. Souls are making that choice today; choosing things over Christ. Somehow Judas deceived himself to believe it would be alright to get money for betraying Jesus.

Matthew 26:47-50
Judas did what he covenanted to do. His association with Jesus didn't cover his betrayal. Sometimes people think lip service will cover their betrayal of Christ. Judas betrayed Christ even as he kissed him. If you do not keep the commandments it is because you have made a conscious choice not to do so. The grace of God is given to help us to keep his commandments. We have a choice. Jesus suffered and died so that we wouldn't have to sin. Judas had a choice. He saw what Jesus could do and he sold that for thirty pieces of silver. So often people sell out Christ so cheaply. Esau sold out for a bowl of beans. Judas sold out the Savior for 30 pieces of silver. We live in a day when many people are in jail for robbing a bank. They sell their freedom out cheaply. People sell out Jesus cheaply - for things that destroy life and health. People make a conscious choice to live for Jesus or be lost. Woe to the one that betrays Jesus; continuing in sin. It is a sad path. The time to find God is now. If we aren't living according to his commandments, we are betraying him now.

Titus 1:15-16
We don't want to profess to know God, but deny him by our works. So much of humanity is doing this, saying that their works don't matter. If Christ is in you it will produce something. Our relationship needs to be real and active. We take his words to heart; his works become ours. Judas professed to know Christ. How could you know who Christ was, and go tell the religious leaders that you would help them do their dirty work? If your life is not submitted to Christ, you need to find him. Those who love Christ won't want to bring reproach to his name. Our relationship to Christ should become our life. It is what is in our heart and our life. We don't want anything in our life that would deny him. The choices we make and how we live are important. We don't want our life to be such that it would deny him. Are we holding out for our own way over God's? Our actions and choices say much about our relationship to Christ.

2 Timothy 2:11-13
If we do not walk close to Christ and live as he would have us to live, we will deny him. People, sadly give in to pressures of things around them and deny Christ. It does not have to be. We can live with Christ and lift him up. If we suffer for him, he won't leave us. There will be some suffering for him because you aren't following the world. The disciples suffered some things because they made the conscious choice that Jesus would be first. Yet, they also had the blessing of walking with him. What choice are you making? Would you betray Christ? Choose Jesus. Choose to go his way; his way is best.

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