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Seasonal pleasures vs. God's river of pleasure

Bro. David Chancellor
1/27/2002 11:00 AM

Hebrews 11:24-26
This describes the choice Moses made. What choice would you make? Life involves choices, and there is one central choice we all get to make; what direction will our life take? Up to a point in each life, Mom and Dad make the choices. There is a place in time when we become responsible for our choices. Most of us aren't making a choice between being the next Pharaoh or leading God's people. When Moses came back and was talking to the Pharaoh, he was talking to the guy who took his place. Moses chose to suffer persecution for going God's way. Consider all of what is involved in the choice. The pleasures of sin were for a season. As Moses suffered with God's people, he also enjoyed some pleasures that most people have never known. Moses spoke to God as friend to friend.

The Bible speaks of God's river of pleasure. There is more there than we can ever take in. People would try to lead you to believe that sin is all pleasure and that serving God is all affliction. The pleasure of sin is seasonal or short-lived. People want instant gratification and then they pay for it for a long time, sometimes even for a lifetime. This is how sin works. Moses didn't choose the instant gratification and the paying that came afterwards. Sin is just a short time of gratification with a lifetime of paying for that gratification behind it. Moses decided that serving God was a better choice. He chose the way that ended up bringing him real greatness.

Psalm 36:1-9
The transgression of the wicked helps us to see that there seems to be no fear of God in them. They deceive themselves into believing they are having a wonderful time. They have their troubles, difficulties and problems. "What goes around, comes around." When the iniquity comes back around, it's hateful. This is part of the choice that goes with sin. God cares about each of us. Because he cares, humanity can trust in him. Even in tough times, his children can drink of his pleasure and life and be refreshed. The choice to serve God isn't folly; it is the choice for the enduring things of life.

Proverbs 23:29-35
The devil would like to tell you that what is described here in verse 29 is the situation of a child of God. However, verse 30 shows us who it is describing. Woe, sorrow, contention, babblings, redness of eyes; who has this? Those that are out "living it up." People who have alcohol problems have all of these things. Verse 29 gives the picture of the "payday" of the pleasure of sin. They have all that is mentioned here, yet, they seek it again. The life with God is much better. We might get hurt sometimes, but there is comfort in God.

Romans 1:28-32
This describes a sinner. It gives a pretty good description of a soap opera. Many people's life in sin is similar to a that of a soap opera. How can people think that this is a "better life?" The life of sin is a sad life. We need to tell the world that "life in sin is sad, but you can have a good life in God. You can know that God cares about you. You don't have to be fearful of him." No saint has any business watching soap operas. How can you take pleasure in seeing sin? It is better to have the gratification of having God and getting together and enjoying life. We can have a clean heart that is right with God. Sin is bad, but life doesn't have to be lived in sin. You can choose salvation and a life that is with the people of God.

Titus 3:3-7
We were in these shoes, doing these things. Verse 3 is a picture of the life of sin. Hate causes hurt. Sin brings pain. That was our life in sin. After we saw what could be, we left that behind. We saw Jesus came to set us free from this. It wasn't because we were so good, but because we needed to be free. The sinner is in a suffering condition; tell them of the choice that is there, the choice to serve God. It is a choice that they can make. Jesus still offers rest and deliverance.

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