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A Message for the Double-minded

Bro. Ron Rupé
9/2/2001 6:00 PM

Matthew 6:19-24
We need to know if we are double-minded. It is not a spiritual condition we want to have. Double mindedness is trying to hold on to as much of God as possible, and wanting to hold on to the world, also. This is a person split down the middle. It is being unsure of where you want your treasure to be. Where is your treasure at? You can try to serve two masters, but you cannot please two masters. You will hold to one, one day, and the other, another day, but you will please neither. It is trying to serve God and the world, pleasures, man/woman, etc. It is trying to serve God and anything else at the same time.

Three problems of double-mindedness
  1. The double-minded are very unstable.

    James 1:8
    "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." You cannot depend on the double-minded person in spiritual or in earthly matters. They are heavenly minded enough that they are worthless to the world, and worldly minded enough that God can't bless them either. Because of this they prosper neither in soul nor in earthly affairs. This is a sad spiritual condition. They are unstable in all their ways.

  2. The doubleminded are "gross".

    Revelations 3:14-16
    "spue" - to vomit up. The lukewarm person has just enough love for God as not to be "dead cold", but just enough love for the world so as not to be hot. Because of this condition, they repulse God, the saint and the sinner. It makes God sick. It is gross to the saint that meets someone that is lukewarm. Even the sinner wants you to either be on fire for God or not. It doesn't have to be that way, and it isn't a good condition to be in.

  3. The double-minded are halt.

    1 Kings 18:21
    They are spiritually crippled, unable to advance or retreat, to climb or descend. In spiritual matters they can't answer because they are trying to serve both.

  4. --

There is a choice for the double-minded to make.

Joshua 24:14-25
"As for me, I am not double-minded." Like Joshua, is your mind made up to serve God? Is your determination set? Joshua desired the double-minded to make a choice. These were trying to serve both. They would gather at the tabernacle, but they had idols in their tents. Joshua wanted the double-minded to make the right choice. He told them to "choose" and begged them to serve God. "Now therefore fear the Lord, and serve him in sincerity (completely) and in truth."
     "I'll put my whole heart in his service
      and do all he asketh of me."
God has a good dose of zeal for the lukewarm and double-minded.

Revelation 3:15-16, 19
"be zealous" - This is the message for those that need to choose who they will serve. Trade lukewarmness and mediocrity for the zeal of God. Put your whole heart, soul and energy into this thing. Is your whole heart in the work of the Lord?
John 2:13-17
It must be very unsatisfying and unrewarding to be double-minded. God would have us be zealous. There is no double-mindedness pictured here. If you serve God with zeal like this, you'll clean your spiritual house. Anything that doesn't belong will be kicked out. Everything God desires of you, you will do with fire and zeal for God. Do you have a fervent life for the Lord? We don't have to be double-minded or wishy-washy about living for God.

Mark 12:23-30
If you are double-minded, you won't love God with "all." The double-minded condition is a reflection of your love. The command here is "Love God with all..." Are you serving God that way? Are you split between two masters?

2 Kings 22:1-20; 23:1-3
Josiah was just 8 years old, but he was zealous. The message for fervency is for all who claim to serve the Lord. Even before they found the book, he was in the work of God. He was having God's house repaired. He was distressed because they hadn't obeyed the book and he wept and repented and made a covenant to work for God with all his heart and soul. He is a good example of someone who is not double-minded. His covenant was a real covenant. He did what he said he would do.

2 Kings 23:3-25
Josiah made a covenant and began to perform his covenant without delay. People need to have this kind of fervency - to hear the word and immediately make a covenant with God, and immediately keep it. There was no double-mindedness in Josiah - he broke down the altars, stamped them to powder, and dumped them in the river. Do we have this kind of zeal? If God shows us something wrong, do we take it down, stamp it to powder and throw it in the river, spiritually?

James 4:8
There is a remedy for the double-minded condition. We don't have to live our days in mediocrity and lukewarmness. We canbe like Josiah. The remedy is this: draw nigh to god and have him purify your heart. You can have the zeal and fervency to do everything he wants you to do.

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