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Our Rest

Bro. David Chancellor
8/12/2001 6:00 PM

Hebrews 4:1-11
If when the Israelites entered in to the land of Canaan it had been the land Jesus spoke of, then he wouldn't have spoken of another day. The things of the Old Testament are a type and shadow of Christ. Christ is our Sabbath. The law regarding the Sabbath was fulfilled in Christ. However, it is still needful to gather to worship God and learn more of him.

Exodus 31:12-17
This is what God spoke to them though Moses. It was a sign to set them apart. It was to be a sign of their sanctification. Some things are to cease. Those that enter in to God's rest must cease from their own works.

Ephesians 5:6-11
"Our works" are "unfruitful works of darkness." What is acceptable to God should be evident in our life. Our life should cause people that are doing bad works, to NOT want to do them.

Galatians 5:19-21
Here are works we are to rest from. In order to rest from these works, they must cease in order for the rest to begin. If the works haven't ceased, you don't have rest, and this isn't even a complete list. There needs to be a place where the old stops and the new begins. It needs to last from Calvary to the end of time.

Romans 13:11-14
We need to "cast off the works of darkness," (rioting, drunkenness, chambering, wantonness, strife, envying, etc.). If you have these works, you don't have rest. When people excuse these in their life, they are making room for the flesh. God didn't intend that we keep the works of the flesh. He wants us to have rest. When mankind says God can't provide, they are taking the same position as the 10 spies that went into the Canaan land. "It's a good land, but we can't..." God says, "You can." There are many with the testimony that sanctification is a wonderful experience. We are in the day of God's rest and we want to enter in to it.

Hebrews 4:1
The rest is provided; our Sabbath has come; we need to be concerned that we don't miss it. Whatever others tell us, we don't want to miss out on the rest. Don't settle for less than what God has provided. The Israelites missed out on Canaan because they came short. Today, if people don't enter this rest, they'll miss out on even more. God has provided the rest; don't come short and miss out.

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