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A Hindrance to our Faith

Bro. Ron Rupé
7/22/2001 6:00 PM

Matthew 8:1-3
This leper faced a dilemma (hindrance/roadblock) to his faith that we all at some point face, "...if you will..." or "Is it really God's will to grant my petition?" It is this doubt that hinders our faith. He WILL answer us.

James 1:5-7
God gives to all liberally. "let him ask... and it shall be given" It IS God's will to give wisdom, to ALL that ask. Doubt about God's will for our petition is a roadblock to our faith.

Matthew 21:21-22
Is there any reason to question God? God doesn't want us to have doubts about his will. For the child of God, doubts about God center around understanding his will. We don't doubt that he is, or that he is able, but if he is willing. The leper had no question of Jesus' ability to heal him, but he questioned if he was willing. Does the Bible teach us to pray, "if the Lord wills?" No. Then why? because of unbelief. If faith is not developed, then we ask in this manner.

James 4:13-15
This scripture does not speak of prayer or of bringing a petition to God. It speaks of our plans, not God's. It is not questioning if God will do something for us, but if we are in the center of his will. If the commands are God's will to be taken just as they are spoken, the promises are, too.

Matthew 6:9-13
it does not say "if it is your will, let it be done." It says, "thy will be done." Jesus is saying, "fulfill your promises; nothing hinders your will in heaven, let nothing hinder it on earth." This should help our faith.

Matthew 26:39
Jesus is not questioning God's will. He is consecrating to what was the known will of God. He was not questioning if God would change his will. If you don't understand God's will, you HAVE to pray, "if it is your will." This isn't the place God wants us to be. He would have us be sure of his will.

Ephesians 5:17
This is where God wants his children to be. He wants us to come in full assurance. Understand God's will and claim it.

Hebrews 10:22-23
Paul tells us to draw near in full assurance of faith, not wavering. This is what God desires for us. (See also - 1 Thessalonians 5:24; Romans 4:21)

1 Corinthians 2:9-12
"Now we have received...the spirit...of God; that we might KNOW the things that are freely given to us of God." We can have boldness about our petition because we can KNOW God's will. (See also Hebrews 4:16.)

1 John 5:14-15
It is important to KNOW God's will. Knowing his will is an important part of having confidence that our prayers are heard. Ask according to your knowledge of God's will. There are many places in scripture that show us his will.

How to Find God's Will

If you would have the confidence spoken of, you must seek God's will on your own. We can find God's will in the following:

  1. The Scripture
  2. The Life of Christ
  3. The Spirit of God

2 Timothy 3:15-17 - The Scripture
"...which are able to make thee wise..." The Scriptures help you to understand God's will. They are inspired by God. They are the written will of God. If you read in the Bible that it is God's will, you don't have to pray, "If it is your will..."

2 Corinthians 1:18-20
God's promises are his will. He WILL do it. His promises are "Yes" and "So be it."

John 6:38-40; John 1:18 - The Life of Jesus
Jesus has revealed God. We can understand God's will for us when we study the four gospels. Studying Jesus' words, actions, and attitudes, we can understand God's will for us today. He healed all that were oppressed of the devil. (See also, Acts 10:38).

1 Corinthians 2:9-16 - The Spirit of God
Seek the sanctified life. There is faith in the sanctified life. Receive the Spirit of God. When the Spirit comes, he brings inspiration, revelation, and discernment of God's will.

Matthew 8:1-3
This man faced a dilemma of faith. He believed, yet he needed help with his unbelief. Jesus solved the dilemma with two words, "I will." We can ask for help with our unbelief. Seek God's will and his help to see and to believe.

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