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"Put the big things in first"

Bro. Ron Rupé
7/1/2001 6:00 PM

This began as an "object lesson." Starting with a jar, putting in apples, then putting in rice, then putting in water.

Some observations:
You can fill the jar with smaller and smaller things until there is no more room for anything else. A lesson we can learn is as follows: If you don't put the big things in first, you won't be able to put them in at all. Our lives are quickly filled with many cares, concerns and "things to do." If you don't put the big things in your life first, you won't be able to put them in at all. The "big things" are things spiritual, valuable, and eternal. You can let your life fill up with trivial things and then you won't be able to get in the spiritual things.

Matthew 6:33-34 - "Treasures"
Your heart is where your treasure is. Treasure is what you consider to be important. These need to go in first.

  1. Prayer - a valuable thing, an eternal, important thing. If you would have a prayer life, it has to come first. Is your jar too full for prayer?
  2. Family - There needs to be time for family. It is sad when someone chooses "success" or career over their family. A family needs time together in order to survive. It is more than "food, shelter and clothing." It is time, caring, and love they need, from you.
  3. Family Devotions - It is a very important time of the day. It is Bible reading, prayer, discussion, a time of spiritual growth.
  4. Gospel work - This is working for God. There is so much work to be done. Don't let the devil lie to you and tell you that you don't have time to work for God.

If you are "too busy", God would have you put aside some trivial things and "put the big things in."

Luke 10:38-42
If your life is too full for important things, you have chosen for it to be that way. Choose "the good part" and let the other things fall around "the good part."

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