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A Right Relationship with God

Bro. David Chancellor
6/24/2001 6:00 PM

Psalms 63:1-8
Our relationship with God should be much broader than just going to church. It should exist in all hours of the day. If you are in a desert, you want a drink before too long. This land is thirsty after something, but, like the prodigal son, are not finding the fulfillment in riotous living. The water of life can fill these needs and it is freely offered to all people. It should be the desire of our heart to see God's power and glory, not just in church, but in our everyday life. We should be able to take God with us wherever we go. God's lovingkindness is a great help to his people. It is better and bigger than life. His lovingkindness to us should cause us to desire to praise him and to tell others of his goodness. Our lives should bring glory and honor to God every day that we live. Though the land around be dry and thirsty, we can be satisfied because we have the well of springing water within. If we are walking with God, we ought to have joyful lips. Complaining lips and joyful lips are not the same thing. The Israelites complained about manna and many other things while in the wilderness. They didn't seem to catch on that God was providing and that their lives were really pretty easy. Our lives are pretty good, but lots of times you hear people complaining. We ought to have lips that thank God for our good fortune. God should be part of our day from start to finish. God would have us to live in his presence all the day. Our life should be one continual worship of God. Our soul should be totally focused on living for God. He should be the central focus of our life. He is our backbone; he keeps us walking in a way that is right.

Psalms 18:35-36
We live a "charmed" life. In each situation we have God to bring us through in the best possible way. God can work all things for our good. God's gentleness is what makes us great. His gentleness and kindness helps us in life. God can help us to stand straight. He will help us to resist temptation. We can stand firm and go with God on the highway of holiness. With God it is possible to live as he would have us to live.

Isaiah 41:10
If we don't get the righteousness of God in our heart, we won't have feet that don't slip. If we do have his righteousness, we can live and serve him as he would have us to. "The Lord is my help." We can go in a way that is right; it can be lived for God right here. If God walks with us each day, we must walk in a holy path. There are some places Jesus just won't go. God should be seen in our life by those who live around us. People will see the power and glory of God if they see a life lived pure and holy for God.

Isaiah 46:3-4
From the day you were born until the day you die, God will be there to carry you, to bring you through when you have no strength. "Underneath are the everlasting arms." God's arms never get tired of holding us up, of carrying us through. He'll take us all the way to heaven if we will put our life in his hands. We can have assurance that all is right between us and God. We need to walk with God right down here.

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