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"A House of Prayer"

Bro. David Chancellor
4/29/2001 6:00 PM

Isaiah 56:6-7
We are living in the time Isaiah prophesied about. Salvation is for everyone, not just a few. God describes his house here as "a house of prayer." This is a description of the family of God, the household of faith, a praying people. Our homes - our family - can be a house of prayer. We aren't limited to going to the temple to pray. We can pray at home and anywhere. There is a work accomplished by private prayer as well as public prayer.

Mark 11:24
"What things soever ye desire, when ye pray..." When we pray we are seeking God for something. For many people, prayer is a repetition with no expectation of anything happening. We need to exercise an active faith in God for our needs. We believe God hears and takes an active part in the life we are living. Our prayer should express our desire to God. There is a prayer of praise where you just desire to be with God. Prayer is NOT something you read from a book. Many today aren't growing up knowing how to pray and expect to get an answer. We can pour out the desire of our hearts to God. Children need to see that God can answer prayer. There is a time for private and for public prayer. There is benefit in prayer at home

Romans 8:26-27
"...the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought..." We don't always know what we should pray for. We may pray the solution we think is best, but God will answer in the way that is best. We only have a narrow picture of things, but God sees the whole picture. The Spirit needs to get us in time to God's will. He gets us in line for the answer. We need to pray that God change us - not just the situation. He knows what we need. He's not slow in answering sometimes it is just that he needs to work on us so we'll be ready for the answer. Prayer is a pouring out of our heart to God.

Matthew 6:6-8
One nice thing about the closet is that it doesn't have a phone. Life has some real distractions that need to be shut out to enter into the presence of God. Private prayer is necessary for some things to be worked. One trial of public prayer is worrying about how you look and sound. God doesn't worry about the grammar. Private prayer shuts out these worries, and we can pour our needs out to God. If we would accomplish what God would have us to in public prayer, we won't worry about how it sounds in public either. "...thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly." The reward is what we are after. We aren't to use vain repetitions or lengthy prayers just so they will "sound good." Reading a prayer is vain repetition. If we get our grammar wrong - even our president does that sometimes. God can bear wrong grammar. Using a prayer list isn't bad if you need help remembering. There are many things needing prayer. Bring the needs of those around us as well as your own needs.

Luke 22:39-46
Christ had a place where he liked to go and pray. He went there often enough that Judas knew where he liked to go and pray. Prayer should be prominent enough in our life that people should know that we pray. Christ received strength through time spent in prayer. He asked that the trial pass, but he was given the strength he needed to go through. He told the disciples to pray for strength instead of sleeping. They needed the strength found in prayer. We may not understand what lies ahead - but we need to pray. We can be strengthened in prayer. Parents need to let their children know their source of strength. If the situation doesn't change, it doesn't mean the prayer has not been answered, we can be given what we need to deal with the situation. He gives us what we need, not what we THINK we need. Our prayer is not ALL to be private. It is good for people to see prayer answered.

James 5:16
"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Prayer is more than a moment of silence. It is words spoken to God with a definite purpose in mind. It accomplishes something. It has a purpose that it works in us. Don't give up on prayer. Prayer is not something that can be left off. "Rise and pray."

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