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"Peace, Be Still"

Bro. David Chancellor
4/22/2001 6:00 PM

Luke 8:22-25
There are storms in life. Storms can be fearful things. Christ and his disciples were involved in a fierce storm that rocked their boat and threatened to sink them. Each day in our life, God has a plan he wants to work out. As people, we like to prevent a lot of our troubles, but with all our care and anxiety, we can't prevent all the troubles. God will allow some troubles to come, to show us his might and power. Christ must have been very tired, as he was sleeping exposed to the elements. The storm was bad enough that they were in danger. There are times in the storms of our life when we are in jeopardy and must call on God. These disciples recognized that they were in serious trouble. When the devil comes against us, we need to recognize it and call on God. We may not see any way out, but God can make a way out. He makes a way for us to rise above the trial. We want to get the good out of the trial and not fail to give God the praise. We need to give God praise in the face of the enemy. God can fight our battles, even can win them by our praise. The military sometimes has the ranks sing as they march, to boost morale. Sometimes our victory is found in the praise to God. Praise even if you don't feel like it. Count your blessings and thank God for them. God may allow things to happen; sometimes for our future encouragement. We need to draw on faith; even a little faith is better than nothing. Put your faith to use. It will grow as it is used. "What manner of man is this!" We should note the amazing power of God. The disciples had seen many things, but this broadened their picture of what God can do. They saw him soon after still the storm of a troubled spirit. This was even greater than the storm of nature being stilled. It is a wonderful thing when Christ stills the storm - whether external or internal. Some internal storms put us in even greater jeopardy than the external ones. All Christ has to do is speak the words. "He can calm the troubled waters of your soul..." Souls are in jeopardy and need to hear Christ say, "Peace, be still."

John 16:28-33
Christ spoke plainly here, that he came from God and would return to God. The disciples were certain that Christ knew what he was talking about. He always knows what is going on; we just sometimes have trouble with wanting to explain both the problem and the solution to him. Christ knew what was coming and he knew that the disciples still didn't understand. Christ was alone, but not alone, for God was with him. Having God with us is the best position we could ever be in. We may FEEL alone in our troubles, but we need to remember that God is there. Christ warned them of the coming trouble, but peace was there with Christ. In this life, you will have trouble - but don't let it get you down. Christ has overcome, and in him, we can, too. The "good cheer" is that we aren't alone. Something unique about God's people is that they go into trouble expecting a way out. We may not know how; we may not know when, but he'll do it again. He'll make a way out for us. It won't necessarily be like you pictured it, but God will make a way out. God delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians at the Red Sea - he fought the battle for them - entirely with water (first the fog, and then the sea). In God, ALL of man's troubles have a way out. (See 1 Cor. 10:13).

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