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A Personal Experience With God

Bro. David Chancellor
1/14/2001 6:00 PM

1 John 1:3
"That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you..." John makes this real and personal. He didn't get it second-hand. We can have the same experience John had. We, also, can have fellowship with God. We can come to know God. We don't have to go through a priest, but we can come to know him ourselves. It is not the same to go through another as it is to know him yourself.

1 Corinthians 12:12-13
We enjoy the presence of God through his Spirit. If we drink something it becomes part of us. God's Spirit becomes part of us and goes with us through life. We have the presence of all of the Trinity. We can come straight to God through the blood of Jesus ourselves. He can be our friend. We can enjoy his company.

Genesis 18:22-33
Abraham got word of what was going on. If we hear some things it should cause us to stop and consider. Abraham asked this question of God. Sometimes we come to God with questions. God answered Abraham, and he gives us the same liberty. He will answer when we ask. Abraham was concerned about Lot and how things would turn out for him. It is a good thing if we would plead for others this way. Sometimes we may think we have asked too much. God is faithful to our request. When there are things that concern us in life, we can come in God's presence just as Abraham did. He is still righteous. We can come and he will hear and understand our concern. It is good for us to bring our concerns and cares to God. God wants the best for everyone and would take care of us anyway, but it is good for us to come and talk to God. He can help us to know and understand our part.

Genesis 32:24-30
Jacob was concerned about facing Esau and some of the things he had done earlier in life. Sometimes we, as people, encounter some troubles in our life - sometimes by our own doing. Jacob found he needed God's help and blessing. He was injured, but he held on until he got the blessing. Sometimes we need to come to God intent on having what we stand in need of. When Jacob had a blessing it wasn't enough - he wanted to know God's name. It would be good if we had a close "first-name basis" relationship with God. Jacob felt like he had seen God face to face. It is good to have God feel that real to us. We want a close walk with God.

Exodus 33:9-17
Moses spoke face to face with God - "as a man speaks to his friend." We want to show God the honor and respect due to him. We can speak to God on a personal level. God came down to Moses' level, and spoke with him as Moses spoke to Joshua. God is sometimes pictured as a God of anger, judgment and wrath. If you are in sin, yes, God can appear as such. Yet, Christ speaks of God as our Father. We can have that close relationship with God. "If I have found grace, show me thy way." This should be the desire of our heart. We don't want a profession of religion, but to find favor with God. God told Moses, "My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest." We can have rest because we have his presence. Under the law Paul worked to gain God's favor. When Paul found the presence of God he found rest. Moses told God, "Don't take me anywhere if you aren't going." We want God's presence and help with us. The wonder of the grace of God is this: "is it not thou that goeth with us?" He is there with us. If God is not there, it is not safe to put confidence in it. We need confidence of God's grace.

Psalms 63:1-7
It is natural for God's people to desire the presence of God. We enjoy God. Just as we can enjoy the things of this life, we can enjoy the things of God just as much. You don't have to get an appointment with God. Even in the night we can enjoy his presence. Meditating on the things of God is a blessing. We can come in God's presence in various times and various places. Sometimes when God speaks with us we ant to think about it again at another time. Write things down if you are not in a place where you can give it your full attention, and come back to it later. When God gives us something good, we want to remember it. All of us have things we have to do, but God can speak to us at various times and places. He can be present with us at all times.

John 14:23
This is the blessing provided to us by Jesus. If we pay no attention to what God has to say, how much can we expect to hear from God? We can't expect to enjoy the wonder of God's presence if we give no heed to what he says. If we love God, we can have an abiding presence. He will still be there. Find a quiet place so he can speak to you. We can have fellowship with God.

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