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A Certain Day

Bro. David Chancellor
12/30/2001 11:00 AM

Luke 8:22-25
"The boat was filled with water, and they were in jeopardy." They called on Jesus and were saved from the storm. It was "a certain day", but to the one's in trouble, it was a significant day.

Acts 16:25-31
This one's circumstances were such that it was a critical day for him. His life was in jeopardy as he feared the prisoners had escaped. Paul and Silas weren't concerned about being in jail, but they were concerned for the jailer. Christianity goes beyond what most people settle for. It cares for others more than self. The jailer asked them, "what must I do to be saved?" There needs to be a realization in each life that life does not go on forever. There is a crisis ahead. We will all have to give account of ourselves as we stand before God at the judgment. Being saved is to be delivered from impending peril. In both of these cases individuals were saved from impending peril. They said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ." Ahead lies something we all will face and without God it is an impending peril.

John 3:14-21
Christ was speaking to them of the condition of man's soul. Moses set up the serpent because the people asked Moses to call on God as they were dying from the bite of the serpents God had sent to punish them. If people don't believe and look to Christ they will perish. Mankind will perish without Christ. God has provided a way of deliverance. You can't go on in unbelief and be saved. Those in the boat marveled at what Christ could do, but they knew he was their only hope. Christ didn't come to bring condemnation, but that men might be saved. When we put our trust in Jesus, condemnation does not have to rest on our hearts. If you would know if the work of God has been done in your soul, look at your attitude toward light and truth. Our attitude toward God will play into our judgment. Are you trying to find what is right, or are you trying to find a way to get your own way? Those saved from impending peril will be thankful for reproof. They want to know because they don't want to perish. God isn't out to tear someone up for what they don't know, but when a way has been provided for us to know, choosing NOT to know will cause you to perish. People in this country have ample opportunity to learn what God says. It may take us reading it over and over and over to get it, but if we want to know, we will seek until we find. Because Paul had been saved, he was concerned with the impending peril of the jailer. There is an impending peril for every soul that is not ready to meet God.

2 Peter 3:3-9
These scoffers are the ones thinking, "I'm not going to perish." Even if the world has been here for millions of years, the judgment is coming, and your impending peril is not that far away. "This they are willingly ignorant of..." that God created this world, and in the case of Noah, he gave them 100 years to listen, yet many were ignorant of the impending peril when it hit because they choose to be so. The world is being reserved to judgment. The soul without God is in imminent peril of perishing. The judgment of God WILL fall on humanity. The only reason it hasn't is because he is not willing that any should perish. Souls need to be awakened, to realize that life doesn't go on forever. If we don't seek God until we find him (it must be more than just religion) we will perish. Soul in peril, seek God until you are free from that destiny, until you know things are clear between you and God.

Luke 13:1-5
Christ was reciting the news of the day. His thought was, you might think others are worse than you, but if there is sin between you and God, you will also perish. This is what people must do to be saved: repent. If a person has religion without repentance, that one will perish. "Except you repent... you will likewise perish." Men need to repent, confess, forsake, and believe, or they are still in peril. The soul that is lost is in peril. Christ died that they wouldn't suffer eternal punishment. This is a serious consideration. The soul of man needs the power of sin broken - that the winds of sin don't blow him into the deep. It is serious and important to seek God and find the place of repentance. Sin is a damaging thing.

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