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Bro. David Chancellor
12/9/2001 11:00 AM

Just a few days ago our nation remembered Pearl Harbor. The enemy took some territory that day. Yet, just as we remember the day that territory was taken, we also remember another day, D-Day, when territory was reclaimed. The enemy of mankind took some territory in the garden of Eden. Yet there came a day when one was sent from God, and he began to take territory back for the kingdom of God.

Matthew 4:12-17
This tells us of the beginning of the ministry of Christ. Christ had grown up much like other Jewish boys. He now began telling the good news to the people. The prophet said something would come that was different. This describes the spiritual territory of these people. Christ is the head of a spiritual kingdom that is greater than any literal kingdom ever could be. His message was "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

Matthew 12:22-30
Christ was casting out devils and he is still able to set people free. The Pharisees didn't want to accept him as Christ because he didn't fit their mold. "But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you." Christ was the very Spirit of God come down to man, to establish a "beachhead" in the soul of man. He came to take back territory from Satan and add it to the kingdom of God. Jesus bound the strong man. He had enough to withstand the enemy. Mankind was unable to change his condition or situation. Deliverance for mankind has been declared and provided. We are either on God's side or we are not. The territory has been marked out. We don't have to be on the losing side. Become one of God's children and win. Christ has a kingdom now.

Colossians 1:12-14
God has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light. He has made us a part of his kingdom. If we have been freed, we ought to be glad he came and freed us. Christ came that we might be restored to our rightful place spiritually. It should be of concern if sin is committed and no guilt is felt. We can come under a different rule, one that delivers from sin and the power of sin, one that keeps us clean.

1 John 4:1-4
There are still spirits at work in the world. Give heed ONLY to the Spirit of God. Other spirits would come to oppress and take the territory away. The Spirit of God will turn our attention to Christ. Our deliverance and salvation hinges on who Christ was. Christ is greater than the world and he has come to dwell in the heart of man. There is no soul that is not of interest to Christ. We should desire that Christ rule in our temple. The devil can't come and just take things back when he wants to. By God's help we can withstand the enemy. We aren't independent from God. Through God, we can be overcomers.

Matthew 4:17
Our part is to repent. God is looking for something in you. It is a turning away from sin. "Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Christ won't come in as an unwelcome guest. We must want him to come in and take over. Repentance is "Lord, I'm sorry for my life and how terrible it has been." You might be bound, but Christ can set you free. Christ has come to deliver and set free.

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