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Bro. David Chancellor
10/7/2001 11:00 AM

Matthew 10:37
Christ was talking to them about love. Love is not a "mushy, soft" thing. He was giving them a challenge to consider. We, as the people of God, have some things to consider - especially in regard to our commitment to God. How will you stand in reference to God? The time could come where there will be pressure on you to decide which is most important. It could come from those that are closest to you. Christ should be first, regardless. There are those who will sell out on Christ for the approval of those around them. The disciples faced rejection from their own families for choosing to serve Christ. We need to be committed so that God comes before all others. If we put anything else first, we won't be saved. If people's ideas don't line up with the word, they had better not outweigh the word.

John 14:22-24
We need to love God above everything else. This is shown if we keep his words. We will keep them in our heart and love to hear them; they will be lived out. If we love the truth we will live it. If we don't live it, we are saying we love something else more. If we don't live what we say we believe, then we don't really believe it. His words should be our life. If we can't hold his word above everything else, then we don't love him. He has to be the most important one. God is not asking more than we are capable of.

2 Thessalonians 2:8-12
We should have a very strong love for the truth. We will either believe the truth or you will believe a lie. We have to be honest about the truth. The "strong delusion" doesn't have to be a strange and unbelievable doctrine. It could be, "I will get right someday..." If you go through all your life believing this, you will die lost. If you aren't living for God today, you need someone to show you your strong delusion. If you don't get down to business with God, you will die lost. A lot of people think you can love God without loving and keeping his word. Christ said, "If you don't keep my word, you don't love me." If you don't love the truth, you will miss heaven. God's word should be first with us. The Bible is the final answer. We need to find out what it says for ourselves. We are responsible for our own soul. We have to see what the word says to us about the life that we live.

John 3:20-21
This is a way to measure where people are in regard to truth. How do you feel about reproof? It tells a lot about your deeds. You should be ready for reproof if you are a child of God. "Get the Bible and show me..." Don't tell me I'm wrong because I'm not following the group. If you can't show me where it is wrong in the Bible, you had better start digging. It doesn't matter who is backing it, if it is not Bible, it is wrong. We need to examine our deeds, and if we can't take BIBLICAL reproof, we have something wrong. We should want to be right. The one that loves truth will want the light. If we are wrong, we want to know so that we can make it right. The light can shine on us, and we can show God at work there. Keep committed to keeping God first. "Buy the truth and sell it not." The truth is priceless and is not up for sale. If we get off the solid rock, we are in the sinking sand. God's word is the rock we stand on. Keep God first.

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