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The Bible

Bro. David Chancellor
7/22/2001 11:00 AM

John 5:39
"Search the scriptures." If we would get the benefit of what is in the Bible we must search the scriptures. It is our privilege to search the scriptures. It can be personal to us. It is also a great responsibility to search the scripture. At the judgment we will stand before God and be judged by the scripture. We can use the scripture to take a stand against the devil.

Searching the Scriptures so as to get a real benefit out of it:

  1. Keep the purpose in view. What is the purpose? Two points made by the scripture are:
    1. Humanity is fallen in Adam.
    2. There was a mediator to come and we find in the New Testament that the mediator has come.
  2. Matthew 11:25-27
    Search with a humble, childlike disposition. Our disposition as we search will determine how much understanding we come away with. Children are very curious. If we come seeking understanding, we will receive understanding. Learning should bring about a desire to know more.
  3. John 7:16-17
    Search with the intent to put what you find into practice. If you don't intend to do, don't expect to know. It should be the desire of the seeker to do God's will.
  4. Romans 15:4
    Search to apply it to your own heart. We can learn from the things we read. It can help us to know our heart, to know what is there, be it good or bad. It can give us hope by what is revealed there. Apply it to yourself first.
  5. 1 Corinthians 2:11-14
    This is a spiritual book. Labor to obtain the spirit by which it was written. The author can tell you things about the book that you won't get by just reading it. The Spirit can reveal it to you, but you can go further and obtain the Spirit. The Spirit can teach us things, show us how to apply them, and give us the grace to apply them.
  6. James 1:21
    Before you read, pray for the Spirit to guide you as you read. The word should become a part of you. Words can have many different meanings. Search with prayer.
  7. Hebrews 10:14-16
    God will write it in our hearts. If it is written in our heart, we will have it with us in different situations. Prayer increases our understanding and enjoyment of the word of God. It can be something that can go with us through the day.
  8. Joshua 1:8
    Read and search the scripture constantly. Dig in the scriptures as you would for a hidden treasure. There should be nothing that has more value to us than the word of God. If you would have a good life, find the treasure in the word of God. Success is in God's word.

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