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How to reach Heaven

Bro. David Chancellor
7/15/2001 6:00 PM

Matthew 18:1-6
Generally speaking, all humanity has thoughts of heaven and the idea that someday they will go there. If people would go to heaven, there are things that must happen before they will reach it. There must be a change, a conversion, in the heart of man. There must be a change in life somewhere along the way. The question is asked here: "Who's greatest in the kingdom of heaven?" Jesus answered, unless you are converted and become as a little child, you won't make heaven, much less the need to know who will be the greatest. Growing up brings more than a physical change. Children are different from adults. They are generally less sophisticated and more humble.

1 Peter 2:1-3
"Laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrises, and envies, and all evil speakings." These are all adult characteristics. Children might fight, but they'll turn around and be best buddies soon after. We need to change from these characteristics to a desire for the word of God. Babies like to eat. If we taste that the Lord is good, we should desire more of it. It is rich, full of meaning and encouragement. It helps us to grow.

Psalms 13:1-3
We need to be simple about how we go in things. God's people are a plain and simple people. Are you quiet and humble? "There is no rest for the wicked." But, there IS rest for the righteous. We should be able to settle down on the things of God and rest.

1 Peter 5:5-7
"Humble yourself." We must be able to humble ourselves. When we humble ourselves, we will put our cares on God. We must recognize that we need God's care. We must look at him as our help and our deliverer. It should be natural for us to go to God with our cares. It should be the normal thing to do.

1 Corinthians 14:20
God would take malice out. We shouldn't be "out to get" anyone. It's better to forgive than to carry bitterness through life. "Getting even" is not necessary. Leave the hurts with God, and go on. He can deal with it as is necessary. We need to grow, increase and develop in understanding. It is important that the work of God be done in our soul. There should be a radical change in your soul when you are converted. The change in the heart of man should be such a radical change that people should wonder if it is the same person.

Matthew 18:3-6
Jesus used an example of a little child to teach them about who entered into the kingdom. He also answered their question: "The humble ones." Whoever receives one of God's humble little children, receives God. This ought to make a difference in how we receive people. We don't want to reject God. People sometimes hinder their own prayers. We should receive people with love and concern. When you put your case in God's hands, he is watching over you. If you offend one of God's people, you would be better off destroyed. We don't want to offend even ONE little one. We will have to answer to God for how we deal with others. We don't want our life to be a hindrance or detriment that costs the soul of another. We should desire to draw souls to God. Recognize you have an influence on children. Make it a good influence. It is a serious thing to lead souls away from God.

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