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"If Jesus came to our house..."

Bro. David Chancellor
5/6/2001 11:00 AM

Mark 2:14-15
This tells us how Levi came to be a follower of Jesus. He didn't have a popular job (tax collector). Jesus spoke to Levi just the same as he did to others. He spoke to people in all walks and positions in life. He still reaches out to all people. Levi followed Jesus, but Jesus went to Levi's house. Some thought it was a bad thing that the publicans and sinners were around Jesus. Levi wanted his friends to be acquainted with Jesus, as well. What would it be like if Jesus came to our house? How would we react if Jesus came to our house? Levi was glad for him to come and be there.

Matthew 8:5-8
This centurion came to Jesus seeking in behalf of his servant for healing. This master cared about his servants. Jesus offered to come and heal him. It is good to be able to get this response from Jesus, "Well, let's go and take care of the problem." The centurion didn't feel he was worthy to have Christ come to his house. Though Christ is so high above us, he condescends to come down to our house. There is no place so lowly that he won't go. Jesus would come to our house to be a help. Jesus' interest in us is not based on our worthiness. He would come and lighten the house.

Luke 19:1-10
Zaccheus wanted to see Jesus. He, no doubt, thought he'd be one of the crowd - that Jesus wouldn't even notice him. Jesus singled him out. He will come and speak to us personally, too. Jesus takes special interest in each person. He is a very individual, personal God. The crowd questioned Jesus' going with Zaccheus. Jesus considered Zaccheus as much a one of God's people as any other. Zaccheus's reaction to Jesus coming was that he needed to "clean house." If this is your reaction, you need to start cleaning. We want things to be appropriate for such a one as this. When we are serious about serving God, Jesus comes in right then. Zaccheus's intention to do right was what Jesus wanted to see. Jesus takes the confession and promise and takes the soul right then. Jesus would come and bring salvation NOW.

John 20:26-29
Jesus came in, even though he was uninvited. He knows what is there. He is aware of what is at work in your life. Things you may be keeping from others are not hidden from him. Our house needs to be kept ready for his presence. Jesus doesn't come to find fault, but to bring peace. He would speak to us and encourage our faith. If Jesus comes to our house, our cry should be "MY Lord and MY God;" my guest! It is no bother to keep the house clean for Jesus to be there. Jesus will help keep the house clean. He is a good housekeeper. He makes the house a wonderful place to live. "Go, and sin no more." He would clean us up.

John 10:10
It would be a fearful thing if Jesus was coming to destroy. Why? Because he would get in. But he hasn't come for that. He has come to brighten, lighten and make clean the house. Jesus didn't come to destroy, but to give life. He came to be the focal point of our life. Christ is the keeper of our soul. He works to stop the destruction of our life. Jesus invites people to him, but if he would have that place in our life - we must invite him. He won't take it by force. He wants to be your friend.

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