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"The Grace Bestowed Upon Us"

Bro. David Chancellor
4/29/2001 11:00 AM

Matthew 18:21-35
This passage is often read in reference to forgiveness. The thought we are looking at is God's grace bestowed on us and the life we live. Many of us plan things to get done in the day. Things may come along that don't seem to be contributors to what we want to get done. There will be provocations and trials that arise. How do we handle these? We need to ask for God's mercy and grace to help us. But... are we showing grace to those who provoke us? God designed that we be a channel of his grace. When we experience provocation from others God wants us to show his grace to them. Are we being a channel of grace, or are we being a dam? Are we getting so frustrated that we are damming up God's grace and not allowing it to flow through us? We provoked God in the worst way, yet, he forgave us. Life will have lots of irritations and provocations for us to bear. God doesn't have to deal with the issue of time, but have you thought that God has a plan for your day? Our focus often ends up on "what I have to get done." God has planned for us to show kindness to others and help others and share the burden of another. God wants us to show the same grace to others that he shows to us.

Psalms 78:38-42
This chapter shows God's mercy to the Israelites time and time again. They would turn against him and provoke him, but he would have mercy and help them. As people, if we aren't careful, we'll be moaning and complaining about our troubles. What we do can limit God. If we don't allow him to work through us, it will limit him. We need to let God's graces flow through us. God has a purpose he would work in our life for the benefit of other souls.

Isaiah 65:1-5
This shows how things looked to God. The Gentiles sought God. God tried to get the Israelites to listen, but they were rebellious and ignored him. God was reaching out to a people that wouldn't reach back. There may be times our kindness is not appreciated and we might be offended. God was offended many times because of us. We need to continue to show compassion, even if we are treated wrong. Righteousness is not for our sake, but that God's name can be honored. For his name to be glorified, his grace needs to be shown in life (our life) towards others.

Hebrews 4:15, 16
Christ can feel for our difficulties and troubles. He knows how the provocations of life are. He would have helped in Nazareth, but they lacked faith and their attitudes were such that he couldn't help them. He knows our frustrations. We often ask for grace for help with our frustrations, but did it ever occur to you that we are at times a frustration to God? He has a plan for our life. If we have more grace to bear, we often would have less to bear. We, many times, get back what we give. Whether we accomplish what we planned to do, or not, is not the big thing. Did we get done what GOD wanted us to do? Our light won't shine unless we let it flow through. We need God's grace to bear things patiently and show grace to others.

More Like Christ
By: C. W. Naylor

More like Christ, my heart is praying,
More like Christ, from day to day.
All his graces rich displaying,
While I tread my pilgrim way.

More like Christ in deeds of kindness,
And in all the words I say,
Yearning for the souls in blindness,
Who are going far astray.

More like Christ in burden bearing,
Helping all the sad and weak;
Tears and sorrows gladly sharing,
Others' pleasure would I seek.

More like Christ in self-denial,
Seeking not a life of ease;
Patient in the depths of trial,
That my Savior I may please.

More like Christ ev'ry day,
More like Christ my heart doth say;
Yes, more like Christ,
More like Christ ev'ry day.

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