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"I have prayed for you."

Bro. David Chancellor
4/22/2001 11:00 AM

Luke 22:31-34
Christ could easily be telling us, as he told Peter, "Satan hath desired to have you..." The devil seeks to overthrow each one. He would like to destroy us in such a way that we never make it back.

Matthew 13:18, 19
One thing the devil would do is steal from you that which God has given for your benefit. God's word has been given for our help and benefit, to show us what is right and encourage us to do what is right. The devil wants to take it away before it can be that to us. Hold on to what God gives. If you don't, the devil will take it. Even if you don't completely understand, hang on to it.

Luke 22:32
"Satan desires to have you, but I have prayed for thee." Jesus' prayers, for the most part, are not recorded. This tells us, though, that he prayed for Peter, and the other disciples. He viewed the disciples as his own, and he had a real personal interest in them. Christ prayed for us and his prayer in the garden was recorded, his prayer for his people was recorded, AND he prayed for us. His people have also prayed for us.

John 14:15-17
"If ye love me, keep my commandments..." Christ says here that he would pray to God for us. His prayer was for an ever-present Comforter for his people. When he walked on earth he wasn't able to be always present. Sometimes we settle for less than God's best for us - human comfort rather than the Comforter.

John 17:9, 20, 21
This chapter could better be called "The Lord's Prayer" than what is commonly known as "The Lord's Prayer," as it expresses that which was on his heart. He prayed for the disciples AND for us. Christ WANTED Peter to make it. He wants each of us to make it.

Luke 22:32
"...that thy faith fail not..." The challenge is our faith in God. The devil wants to take faith from us. "Without faith, it is impossible to please him." A faithless people is a helpless and hopeless people. The challenge is to believe what God has told us. Peter realized the failure in his life, but his faith returned. Judas lost his faith and became hopeless and helpless. If you can believe (have faith) you can make your way back. When you receive what God has for you, there needs to be a change from a focus on self, to a focus on others. We need to strengthen the saved. Christ's prayer was for the saved to have unity - to strengthen and build up each other, that our faith be strong.

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