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How We Dress

Bro. David Chancellor
3/4/2001 11:00 AM

Matthew 22:1-14
People get concerned about how they dress for a wedding. Usually people dress nice for weddings. Christ told a parable to show God's plan of salvation and people's reaction to it. It shows how the Jews rejected Christ. God invites everyone, both bad and good. No matter how deep in sin you have gone, you are still invited by God. Regardless of your past, God deals in the present. When we come in repentance, a line is drawn. On one side is the past and our sins, on the other side is the present. God forgives the past and deals with the present. If you had been a thief, you don't steal after forgiveness, and you can go forward. "And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment." A wedding garment has been provided. We need to be appropriately attired to come before the king. One day we will stand before God. What will it be to come before God, if you are inappropriately dressed? God has provided the garments.

Isaiah 64:6
Right now you are invited to "come as you are", but you won't stay that way. At the judgment if you come in your own righteousness, the question will be, "Why aren't you wearing a wedding garment?" Why are you wearing those filthy rags? As we consider our soul, we need to be concerned about the garment we wear.

Jude 23
We wouldn't wear stained or dirty clothes to a wedding or special occasion. It would be inappropriate. some would stand before God holding on to the carnal nature or things that aren't as they ought to be. God's church is without spot or wrinkle. We should want things to be right and nice when we stand before God. The attire of our soul is the most important attire we have.

Isaiah 61:10
These are the wedding garments God has provided. If we show up without it, God will ask, "Why?" And there is no reason that will carry any weight with God. We can have a robe of righteousness, a pure, clean life. Paul admonished to "put on Christ." Live as Christ lived. He has provided a robe of righteousness, and it is made to fit and designed for us to wear. The one that showed up without the wedding garment (which was provided) was thrown out. God provided the garment so we can go! When we are appropriately attired, we can come boldly. We need the robe of righteousness and garments of salvation to go boldly into his presence.

Revelations 7:13-15, 9
Verse 9 explains who he is speaking of in verse 13. They didn't come as they were; they came through Christ's blood. If we would wear a white robe - we need to come through the blood of the Lamb. It washes away the sin of the past. Every one has to come through the blood if they would be dressed to stand before God. We can be washed and made white. God has provided a wonderful thing for mankind. God can dwell in us.

Revelations 16:15
God warns us here to keep our clothes clean. It would be sad if Christ provides us with a garment and we get it all dirty. If it is dirty, you aren't ready to stand before God. The robe of righteousness is the most valuable garment we have. We want to be clean before God. Spend time on the attire of your soul.

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