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The Necessity of Dying to Self

Bro. David Chancellor
3/7/1999 11:00 AM

John 12:23-28

The time had come for him to complete the work he had come to do. Another consideration: It's time to glorify God.. NOW!! We should work for God now, and glorify him now. (v. 24) One kernel, though it doesn't seem like much, when planted will give a good return. Until he went to the cross he abided alone, but after, it grew until it filled the whole earth. If our life is going to accomplish something for Christ, we need to die to self. We won't produce fruit for God without a dying out on our part. If we aren't seeing the growth we'd like to see - we need to see if we are putting our kernel in the ground, or if we are just a well-preserved kernel. Our commitment to Christ has to come first. At times we're going to have to make that greater commitment. We're going to have to put God's work ahead of some things. We can get wrapped up in life and its activities if we aren't careful, and neglect the work of God. The things we do we want to do to the furtherance of God's work. Your life could be pure, but void of any work for God. There is a work for each one of us to do. We don't want to abide alone. We need to put our kernel of wheat in the ground. (v. 25) We aren't TIED to life in this world, but we are keeping some for the hereafter. Choose what you will do - spend it in a good way, bring forth fruit for God. It takes a commitment on our part if we're going to work and serve God.

Acts 9:36-43

v.39 - Dorcas had spent her time and talents to be a help to others. God is wanting us to take the things we enjoy doing and use it to help others. The things we do need to be done to benefit the gospel (whether pleasant or no). Our life needs to be spent in the work of God.

1 Corinthians 6:12

Our intent is not to lay down a law (a list of can's and can't's). The question for us should be: Is it expedient for me to do this or that? What is the best thing for me to be doing? Do what is "most important" right NOW!! Whatever is "most important" is what is expedient, and using this approach - you won't have a wasted day. God can help us to know what the most important thing is and help us to get it done. Importance is not always working on projects and getting things done. Importance may deviate from work. It is that which contributes to what you're trying to do. View it in the light of what you're trying to accomplish. It isn't always business, but does it get the work of God done?

2 Corinthians 9:6-8

He that soweth sparingly will reap sparingly. We'll get the return that we sow. Put more than enough into it. You may have to put more into it to get what you want. Sow beside all waters.. and you will reap bountifully for it. God doesn't need any grudging workers; he needs willing workers, ones who sow bountifully and cheerfully. God is able to make you sufficient for it, when the purpose of heart is there to do it. Be committed to work for God - do his work first. It's not God's will for us to remain alone.

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