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Keeping a right attitude

by A. K. Chancellor

Having watched people suffer who took on a wrong attitude has served to give me inspiration to write for the sake of souls this warning which I hope will put them on guard lest they too fall into that damnable condition - out of which so few ever recover themselves.

By heeding good instructions you may keep your heart clean from this unnecessary defilement, for attitudes are directly related to some spirit. The attitude you feel and display witnesses to the presence of a spirit with the characteristics of that nature affecting you. I know that good people would not think of acting ugly, but if that influence prevails upon them, and blinds their minds to the condition, they will fall into justifying what they do, even though it is wrong.

Your adversary is continually. trying to get you off on a wrong course. He is subtle, he uses what we might be inclined to call our friends. Or he may work through our enemies.

But, that is not the end of the matter, for once a wrong attitude is taken, it is hard to get loose from it and the problem it has generated. By searching out the problem, getting down to the facts as they are, it may soon be discovered our feelings were wrong, not right.

Words can separate chief friends if they are handled craftily enough. There is a reason that backbiting and whispering is dangerous, there is a reason why dissimulation is forbidden. The first indication of a problem is found when you catch someone defending their position. Here sides are presented, but you are not going to hear a true picture of the opposite side, not from the person trying to persuade you to take their side.

You will hear about the other side but the facts will be doctored up a bit, if not totally misrepresented. Why? Because the one you are hearing from has a wrong attitude and they will convey the spirit they are under to you - if you will take it in. Attitudes are spiritual! You become possessed by a spirit to some extent if you so much as sympathize, so it is best not to fall into that trap. Investigate, if you can, not necessarily to be nosey, but it is your own soul that you must protect from becoming contaminated with wrong information and wrong feelings.

An attitude is a position taken in relation to some object, concern or information. It can be a good or bad attitude. You will automatically manifest to some degree and in some manner the attitude you are operating under. Such is as true of an attitude of joy, as of sorrow. No less is true of love or hatred. Reiterating my former position, it involves a spirit, and perhaps you may have heard some one make the expression about the way some one else acted - "My, what a spirit!"

On the other hand, it is not uncommon to hear the phrase "What an attitude!" The expression, "That person sure has a lovely disposition," is a reflection on the attitude they demonstrate in their affairs with their fellow man. So, if you want to be known as a saint of God, and to affect people in a good way, you will have to watch your attitudes in all of the things with which you have to do. One wrong attitude spoils your whole appearance and influence.

A haughty person acts haughty for that is their attitude a hateful person will act hateful, a joyful] person will appear joyful Those who are hypocritical will appear hypocritical. They may be able in a measure to conceal the strength of the spirit working on them, but not totally, for when something is in the heart, it will find its way out to the surface of the personality.

Under certain types of preaching it could be easy to detect mannerisms, for some preachers do not manifest the best of manners. Or, it might be the loudness of their voice, the timidity they express, their forwardness, or overbearing spirit. In cases of this nature you have to realize that it is truth you are searching for, not the person who brings the truth. To keep from getting picky and fault finding there has to be some resistance to temptation.

Have you never heard a report and found yourself quickly prejudiced? You read countenances whether you are aware of it or not, expressions speak, motions testify, actions beget reactions, and no more than a shrug of the shoulder can affect your attitude. If you are doing personal work and some one slams a door in your race, or speaks hastily, how soon are you ready to wish the Lord would apply some of his revenge? No, you are forbidden to take out the revenge yourself, but the enemy is there to present some malicious thoughts to your mind which seem justifiable.

If you are not careful you will be secretly wishing some calamity upon the offender, that too is an attitude that will sour the soul and bring on other attitudes equally as bad, if not worse. All of the time we must be on our guard.

To avoid being radical there are people who lean toward apostasy, while on the other hand there are those who lean toward radicalism to avoid apostasy. We do not have to lean either direction! This is part of the battle we face against taking on a wrong attitude.

How does a wrong attitude affect some one? You can't sing the songs of Zion with victory if you have a wrong attitude. You may sing them loud, and even demonstrate some, but that in itself promotes a wrong attitude. Some have the idea that spirituality is noise, or vice versa, and with that kind of attitude they put on quite a show to prove they have what they know very little about.

I recall at a certain camp meeting when a minister during his speech, pointed his finger at me, and said something about going back to a certain group. The battle that followed was not easy, I felt some kind of feeling and attitude trying to overtake me, and I had to resist for a good while. It had to penetrate my understanding that men can and do react to wrong influences during preaching, on occasions, and were they rightly in the know they would act differently. I never had been with the movement referred to, therefore it was a wrong accusation the enemy had Introduced to that person's mind and they flung it out toward me in a show of emotion.

Their attitude at that point was not good, and it worked on me to produce a wrong attitude in me. I could not see any profit in getting a wrong attitude in order to counteract what wrong had been done. On the other hand I had to be careful not to wish the Lord to take out vengeance on that person. There is a law that whatsoever a person sows, that also they will reap. But, it is not wisdom nor acceptable for us to wish a quick harvest, for if we take a right attitude we will pray for them instead.

You cannot right every wrong done upon earth, you cannot correct the wrongs done against yourself. It is difficult for you to bring yourself into line and correct the wrongs you have done against your fellow man. Restitution is not easy! Asking some one to forgive you for a wrong judgment you have made, or some wrong information you have passed on against others takes a real attitude of making things right that have been wrong.

I have suffered at the hand of some whose design it appeared to be to destroy me, or my influence, and to a degree they did a good job of it, if it can be called good, but what I mean is this, their work was very effective. They applied themselves, their charges seemed valid, and I fell into examining my intent and actions lest what they charged me with was actually true. I did not want to be wrong, but at the same time I had a responsibility to God and man, and it became hard to carry out what I perceived to be the mind of God, with such accusations looming up before my face.

The only recourse I had was to pray that God would give those whom he could the discernment they needed to see what was actually taking place. For a short period I seemed to be standing almost alone. Were it not for my wife and children and a few who knew not just where to stand, it would have been more than I knew how to cope with.

Eventually, for God did not immediately act, but after a prolonged period certain realized what was taking place and they took an open stand. That by the grace of God was my salvation in that conflict. As it turned out, not because I knew what to do, but God caused them to fall into the pit they had digged for me. Instead of being able to thrust me out, they themselves were thrust out, and I stood and marveled at the consequences.

Had I taken the wrong attitude God could not, and would not have come to my rescue. It was his work and I nothing but his servant, and in the first place did not know any thing to do but pray and submit the whole thing into his hand. This is why that I have no sympathy for people who rise up in defense of their hurt feelings.

It seems such a shame to me that men cannot tell the difference between standing up for truth, and merely standing up to defend their position. They might be right, some one has to be, at least it seems so, but God is the Judge of the whole world, let him fill that position and good will come out of what ever happens. If you once begin defending yourself the battle will go on and on, and attitudes will get worse and worse.

I have been in minister's meetings where men were representing a cause and though they were fellow soldiers of that cause, attitudes became affected at opposite opinions. In such cases men actually turn on each other, though still professing to be in unity.

Paul saw the difficulty men encounter and sounded out a warning. In Gal 5:15, "If ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another." This shows the effects of the flesh over the Spirit, truly a regenerated state, but not in sanctification.

Attitudes are important! First of all, the gospel is not a product of ours, it came from heaven, it is in the Father's control, who has put it in his Son's control, and it is the Holy Ghost that administers the will of God. It is therefore useless and in poor taste for you and I to get upset and defensive over something which we might not really understand as we should. When I see wickedness flourishing all around it is tempting to rise up and act after a hasty manner.

Name calling goes along with attitudes. It seems so strange for so many divisions to exist between brethren who are close to seeing alike, except on perhaps a point or two, but on that one point, which may not involve any thing moral, they are adamant. It could be they both are wrong in understanding.

A review of our attitude is always in order if we detect something in us appearing to be contrary to the example Jesus set before us. We can pick up an attitude, as I pointed out earlier, just by listening to someone talk, either towards things spiritual or personal. Men develop attitudes toward their wives, and wives toward their husbands, and on certain occasions they may not think of them as attitudes.

For instance, when a person fails to get their way, they can feel an offence, and fall into pouting. It may not be a violent act, just an attitude of not speaking, knowing that such will add insult to injury, and beneath their attitude they may hope that the one who offended them will see them pouting and be hurt enough to apologize.

On the other hand, if one should speak a little sharply the other party may feel justified in answering back in as rough a tone, if not more roughly. An attitude is involved! Spirits are all about us and we do well to keep ourselves clean.

The subtle attitudes are the hardest to deal with - they lie buried deep in the heart, and they are so sneaky that some sort of calamity may have to happen to uproot them. Such can be true of the one who in his mind seeks an occasion of vengeance, which one cannot pinpoint as vengeance because of the way it is carried out. Most people are independent in nature, at least up to a point, and they do not want to be overly bothered, or taxed. They have a valid reason for their feelings and actions, so unless you are keen to weigh their words, they cut and cover, they are nice one day and unpleasant the next.

There is also the attitude of trying to keep up with the Jones, if not ahead of them. That is a costly attitude to nurse along. It puts the one affected into deep bondage. They will buy things they cannot afford, and put on a spread which belies their true worth. But, being affected by that attitude they will plow on with a great harvest to follow, slaves to desires that rob them of joy or peace.

Paul speaks of them in the letter he wrote to Timothy, saying, "They that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money (and I take this to mean possessions,) is the root of all evil: which while some have coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." (1 Tim 6:9-10).

At attitude is involved in the above revelation, "The love of money is the root of ALL EVIL," therefore it is not desirable to love money! Money? Not just the money itself, but the power of possessing money. Men count people with money wise in some cases, and respect them even though some of them are not worthy of respect. Many people have gotten their wealth through unrighteous means.

Money as a medium of exchange is a necessity to existence as the economy of any society dictates, but to love money at the expense of one's soul develops an unhealthy attitude that causes that affected person to depart from the faith into a state of perdition, meaning there remains little or no hope of ever being saved.

To err from the faith is to take on some philosophy foreign to the doctrine of Jesus Christ. The faith teaches us to "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness" (Matt 6:32-34), and that which we have need of will be provided. This may not feed those desires for more than sufficient, and for worldly possessions, but what ever we need will be provided.

The warning that James gave had to do with praying amiss that what we received would be consumed upon a selfish principle.

How many attitudes can a person show at one and the same time? It depends on that which the person is affected by! How many spirits are there in the world? Jesus related to the case where a legion, enough to send two thousand swine to their death in the sea, possessed one man. He was out of his head, wore no clothes and lived among the tombs - caves built into the side of hills where they buried the dead.

More basically, take the attitude of pride, a haughty spirit, the sly person, the liar, the thief, the man that is an adulterer, all of them act in a manner related to the power possessing them. Pride causes people to dress unbecoming the saints, and to act more important than they are. It influences people to shun certain while associating with others. Not for the sake of money alone, but for influence and prestige.

Respect is one thing, pride an altogether different thing. A person may be careful to dress neatly, to walk unassuming, to associate with those least desired, all because his heart is right, pure, free of malice.

Paul speaks in Gal 5:19-21 about the works of the flesh, each associated with an attitude. The attitude is the stand one takes, the position in relation to a place, person or thing of note. Children soon develop attitudes! One commonly demonstrated is, "I'm not going to do that!" They manifest independence, self-assessment, rebellion, the spirit that is at work in the whole world of those who are not saved.

One of the worst attitudes I know any thing about is the one in which a person allows the devil to put in their heart an attitude towards God of hate. That poor soul has fell to the lowest pits of corruption. In every sinner there is some hatred expressed in that they are all rebel in nature, and some manifesting that attitude, but to begin to blame God with all of men's maladies is to come far short of truth and sanity.

Man brings upon himself his woes but he likes to accuse other than himself for the problems. God provided a sure cure, a real remedy that does not fail to work, therefore man is without excuse. All of his statements of self defense fall short of sound reasoning. Most all who have turned against God fall into that malady of "pity-partying" in which they act worse than a spoiled child.

Now, if a person thinks they can get at God by plunging into sin, they can do no more than heap up to themselves a lot of wrath against the day of wrath. Whatsoever a man soweth he is sure to reap, either in this life or in the world to come. There is one thing for sure, any one who turns on God is affected in their minds, they are no longer sane.

It is not uncommon for sinners to rise up against believers, that is a natural reaction for the condition of their heart. No less is true of the hypocrites, who, though they do far worse things than they accuse the righteous of, yet they are the most dreadful persecutors. What was would call an outright sinner, one who has not known God, or even heard much about God, one who knows nothing about salvation, they might be difficult to deal with on certain issues, but that hypocrite, one who has known, he is the worst. In all of these conditions there is an attitude, a condition that can be corrected.

Can attitudes be changed? For sure! If the person affected so desires. But I do not say that all attitudes are bad, there are some things we naturally possess as believers. Paul, when instructing the Romans concerning those who were working division, told them to "mark them," and also to "avoid them." An attitude is here suggested that is healthy. Keep away from those who have a spirit foreign to holiness. He also pointed out that gifts of the Spirit were given to instruct or enlighten believers, who upon becoming stable could withstand "every wind of doctrine." (See Rom 16:17-13, Eph 4:11-14).

An attitude of holiness will enable you, even strengthen you to stand, and by stand I mean to speak out on the issues in a right frame of mind. Your attitude will be to defend the truth and those upholding the truth. You will denounce evil, both as to its nature and deeds. I am not saying, or have not said that we could not be possessed by attitudes, but those manifested by the saints are indeed good, according to holiness.

I have been acquainted with people who possessed good attitudes, which later on they lost by taking on an entirely different attitude. As in the case of fruit, so in attitudes, for attitudes are the fruit of our inner condition. An attitude of love is commendable, and of peace, or you can name all of the fruit of the Spirit and each of them as a manifestation is a good attitude to hold and promote.

As you can see by now, it is not attitudes alone that I am against, or trying to expose, but WRONG attitudes. There are some people who are excellent at forgiving, they would not hold a grudge on any grounds. Others are longsuffering, not tolerant of wrong, but they endure being wronged for the sake of the gospel. Still others suffer patiently, they are good examples of the mercy of God. Some exhibit grace beyond explanation, some are always joyous at all times. They brighten things up where ever you find them. To the opposite are those who are sad, every where they go there is a depressing air about them, a cloud of gloom.

There is a way to get victory over a wrong attitude, and when victory is realized the attitude is changed to one that is good. One way of overcoming is to resist, to sit down and examine yourself, to investigate your actions and feelings. Through prayer and obedience your life can change from one of bad attitudes to one of pleasantness. This does not mean that you will approve of wrong doing, or turn your head, but you will be able to cope with situations and not be adversely affected.

Martin Luther's attitude toward the sins of Rome was the under-girding power of his assault against corruption's of every kind. He saw the need of change, and saw his responsibility in helping to effect that change, therefore all that was left for him to do was act on those principles.

I know of no other attitude in this our day that is a greater hindrance to progress than the one which Jesus pointed out in Rev 3:16-17. Here are the main points, they were lukewarm, indifferent to conditions, not able or willing to buck the tide, which is properly classed as neither hot or cold. Religion and devotion they still had, but their attitude was such that God threatened them with spewing them out, and those who did not overcome as counseled were indeed spewed out.

We can appear to take a neutral attitude or stand for only so long, then something must give - patience will dictate action finally. God has borne long in some situations and no doubt this was the case, and is so, so far as the church of this age is concerned, but the eventuality is that a separation will take place in which God decides who remains and who goes. I have before seen God set men aside who presumed to indulge in sin, and when he gets through they are never restored.

Laodicea, you have professed to be "rich, and increased with goods, and

have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:" The worst part of this condition or attitude is that they do not know their true condition! Why not? Because of all the self boasting they have done, and because they count more on the crowd than truth.

Men may step over the line and commit some act which their conscience has previously forbidden them to do, but now they are emboldened, for this is the process of making the heart hard. Instead of immediately humbling down and confessing what they have done, they stiffen up and add more to their slate of evil. The reason is apparent, their attitude has changed, God did not strike them down on the spot, so now they are bold to venture out into greater of-fences.

Having witnessed personally when a certain influential preacher fully yielded himself to a seducing spirit and the path he pursued after that, I am convinced that God turns some men over to a reprobate mind after he has been unable to salvage them. There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus tried his best to keep the reformation from going down, he sent messages of warning, some of them being published, many of them being ignored or played down. Reaching a certain point in time and effort, it became evident that any further attempt was futile. At such time God moves out those whose hearts pained them at the spirit of apostasy which was taking over, and they became pillars in the succeeding move of God.

During preaching I have seen quite a variety of attitudes displayed, some almost violent. It is not too hard to tell when people are bucking up against that which is being presented. Being up in front and filled with the Spirit, discernment being present for the sake of the body, it is easy to see who is kicking and who is enjoying the message.

Some time ago when people were being seriously affected by an attitude bent on destruction, and I can say it was a spirit manifesting itself through human beings, God moved on my heart to sound out time and again on the subject of watching our attitudes. This further incensed some to do their thing! Instead of examining themselves to see if they could be adversely affected, they instead yielded themselves to the unrighteous cause and sealed their own destruction.

Some have suffered many things, but so far it has not served to change the attitudes of certain ones. There is no doubt in my mind but what some of them could have been spared if they had listened and sought the help they needed. But, being emboldened by friendship which they cherished above fellowship, and having fallen under that spirit, on they went until there was no remedy.

This is frightening indeed! Men and women can go so far as to no longer have a chance for recovery. You may not think that this is so, but look at the facts. People admit to the wrong of division, yet justify themselves in it when they become unable to humble themselves.

There are people who once knew the truth who have become bitter in soul and do things to spite those who love the truth. They have taken on an attitude that mars their character, it undermines their strength to judge righteously. They become of those who are children of the devil, and acting out the characteristics of the devil becomes a way of life with them. They hate the good and love the evil.

There is an attitude of victory, and an attitude of defeat, but one does not possess both at one and the same time. There is the attitude of joy and an opposite attitude of sadness, and they are not present in the manners of a person both at the same time. There is the bright and cheery person, and the person spreading gloom, both of them have an attitude they are displaying.

There are people who are wealthy who pretend to be poor, and learn how to look dejected, you wouldn't know they could afford groceries to watch them and hear them talk. On the other hand there are those who are so poor they can't afford a dog, but to hear and watch them you would think they were well fixed, it is all in the mannerisms they flaunt before the public.

My purpose in dealing with attitudes concern more so the affairs of those in the church than in the world. You can fall under the wrong attitude as you hear and see things, and if you do not resist the depressing things, you will soon appear depressed yourself. An attitude is involved! For instance, you have heard how someone fell from grace, became a disgraceful sight, and it affects you so that you no longer rejoice as before. Instead, now you sit in silence, you keep your finger over your lip, so to speak, or rest your head in your hand. You are skeptical and cautious, you are under a cloud of gloom. How, in that state of mind are you going to be a lift to others needing your help?

You have seen some really put on a show, give vent to their emotions, shout, wave their hand as they sing, and you know in your mind that they do not really have that kind of victory, they appear to be putting on, or at least that is the case in your mind. So, instead of being able to submit the situation to God and let yourself be normal, you fall under a cloud of gloom, sit quietly, and look on others skeptically. You are stricken with at attitude which you feel is justifiable.

Your position is one of defeat, not that you have quit professing, at least so in your own mind, and you do not appreciate how others are affected at your actions.

Put yourself in the opposite position, picture yourself with joy, and ignorance about things going on. You praise God, rejoice, sing heartily as to the Lord. Others are looking on you, some of them have the attitude, "I used to be that way, but just wait!" Do you know what they need? They need to get down to business and pray through, they need to see through that which is blinding their mind. They are oppressed and seemingly know it not. They could effect a change by putting in for and gaining overcoming grace.

What you contribute to every meeting is important to the rest of the body meeting together, and those distant who cannot meet. The morning church went forth conquering and to conquer. Their attitude was - they were going to have the victory at any price. They died out to this world as a temporary residence, a place to get ready for the better place. They set not their affections on things or this world. Clothing and housing was no snare to them. Transportation was no snare, possessions was not a snare. They were overcomers! Their attitude was right, they had the victory needed to glorify God.

I don't want any one telling me what to do! That is an attitude that can get one into trouble. Pride IS such an awful thing that it spiritually kills the soul. We must be of such an attitude that we can be taught by the least among us. We are searching for gold tried in the fire, pure and precious wealth bought for us by the blood of Jesus Christ. Are we going to despise the truth because the one we like to hear from the best is not the one bringing it to us? That is a destructive attitude.

How can Jesus Christ truly be the head of his church if we presume to run it? If our thoughts and desires are more proper than those of others, what has made it so? If it is so, surely God will tap us for service, he will use us according to our meekness and ability. God can use whom he will, when he will, and how he will, and it is our victory to accept his operation.

Only recently I was rejoicing that a certain congregation had gotten back together in a degree of unity. When service was over a certain person had been offended because the former Pastor had gotten a bad deal. I knew something about the previous setting and it was not men that claimed my attention, but principle. God is not the author of confusion, and there had been some confusion introduced. It rejoiced my heart to see that put down and the saints able to humble themselves and work together. Whomsoever God wanted to lead them can be worked out, if he has someone who is able and willing to follow, some one who can submit and obey.

The attitude of the person who became so offended drove him out of my presence, he quit attending services where I pastored. He was far more concerned about a person regardless of how wrong, than about the people who had been torn apart.

I have tried, unsuccessful to say the least, to get people to do what the Bible teaches in order to clear themselves of wrong attitudes, but they turned to me a deaf ear. There is only so far that any one can go in righting things. The attitude of self preservation at the expense of others is not quite sound. It is one thing to stand up for principles and another to merely defend self. Where self is the center of concern there is an unhealthy attitude present. But, even in this statement there can be some misgivings, therefore I find it necessary to enlarge slightly. Self is something we cannot and never will lose sight of, or rid our selves of, for self is the person. If no one else has the power to put self into line, and they do not, you must act the responsible part to out it into line.

Self is the world over which you reign, or which reigns over you, for self is that separated person which you are, the individual. But being two-fold it makes it a little harder to explain. Take for instance the inner man, or person, is spiritual, it is the eternal, and the outer man is made of the dust of the earth with the necessary fluids to hold it together and sustain it in this earthly life for a period.

Speaking of self it is the person in its completeness, but being selfish relates to temporal possessions or existence. Being selfish means not only personal possessions, but the depriving others of like possessions, or of outstripping them.

I know of no better illustration to use than dividing the apple between two. As the two who are to get the two halves look upon the divided apple, the selfish attitude is to get the larger half, perhaps even hoping that there is a larger and smaller portion. It is not the attitude of wanting the other to get the advantage, to do the prospering, but the number one concern is self.

The selfish attitude of the inner man is seen in what it allows and the steps it approves of to get for the outer man all that can be gotten for enjoyment of a temporal nature. But, even so God ordained certain pleasures, yet the selfish attitude is the depriving others for the sake of excelling, or of taking advantage of others to deprive or misuse them to benefit self.

However, when it comes to salvation, the soul that you have the power to help is mostly your own. If you do not look out for that part of self it will perish, therefore it is a must that you be selfish in this sense, that at any cost you secure your own soul for eternity. But this is no loss since in so doing you will be helping others.

How shall we properly define between what is acceptable self interest and what is immoral or carnal? Paul said to "examine yourselves," with the thought in mind of taking care of self. It is not the least uncommon to pray, "Lord, help me!" But that cannot be construed as meaning one has a selfish attitude. Yet in our prayers we ought to be likewise concerned for our fellow man.

Then in the two great commandments we find these words, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." It is more than evident that there will be self love, self preservation up to a point. People who care nothing about themselves, who go around in shoddy clothes, unkept hair, dirty and unsociable, are counted as bums. A decent person abhors such an attitude and appearance.

In another area to be considered we are capable of generating thoughts after our personal or heart desires. Then we can entertain thoughts presented to our minds, either of a bad or good nature, and in the third area we can battle thoughts, resist and hate them. Thoughts then are discernable on three levels, some being of a passive nature, the same as day dreams. But, regardless of the nature of the thoughts they can contribute to attitudes developed by the way we treat those thoughts.

Attitudes are not insignificant, or transitory, they become embedded in our make-up, affecting our actions. This is one reason I stand out so strong against permitting ourselves to fall under the influence of wrong attitudes. Once an attitude is part of our thinking and acting process, we automatically respond, our stand is easily detected. The fruit of our position is borne out in actions.

The attitude of the thief is to take things that do not belong to him and his biggest obstacle to carrying out his attitude lies in the presence of those guarding what he wants, or in watching his actions.

May God add to your knowledge that which is needed to keep victory.

© Copyright May 1984

A. K. Chancellor

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