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Would you Believe?

by A. K. Chancellor

I have chosen the above title for this small booklet of comments on observations which I suppose any man in my shoes could have made just as well, but as it appears, haven't made, perhaps not finding it convenient to put them down on paper.

Some of these sayings you will find so common and down to earth that you might wonder why the effort. Well, it could be that some people don't know how to judge between a good thought and a bad one. If I can prompt them to follow after sound reason, then all of my efforts are paying off.

It takes very little energy to build an air castle, though much time, but it takes a lot of effort to put together a book, especially when you have written, and rewritten it a number of times.

If you glean nothing more than one constructive thought, it has been well worth my time and effort. May God bless you in your search for truth.

When a minister you have known falls into heresy or sin, it seems worse than if they had literally died.

It is grievous to the heart when one who has stood falls into sin, and the news finally reaches one's ears.

As a pastor, along with Paul, I can say of certain who have forsaken me, it is because they have loved this present world.

To say it is pride to wear a necktie, but not pride to wear expensive clothing, is nothing but a traditional opinion.

Appearance is important to a minister, so long as it doesn't turn into vanity. People who press him to dress nicely may be seeking comfort for their own pride.

Wanting to have weight of importance to throw around indicates carnal pride in the heart, supposing such adds influence for good.

A certain posture indicates attention is wanted, but for what purpose depends on the person.

An attempt to sell one's personality to others stems from pride, and those who are guilty become offended if slighted.

So, you have had your philosophy crossed? How can you prove your gold without the fire?

The spirit of unbelief presupposes that Satan has control of the universe, and believers must plead with God whom they hope can help them.

Heaviness of heart adds depression to a worship service, and ever notice who escorts it to church?

It would be easier to believe people when they say they love God, if they spent less time chasing the world.

Our labors should be aimed at affecting others for their good, nor should we deviate one degree in our purpose.

Unrighteous people deceitfully defend the wrong, and damn their souls.

I have tried to believe, on occasions, that an enemy was my friend, and that in spite of his unfriendly attitude.

If the world in general does not hate the professed Christian, perhaps he should examine his life: for the world loves its own.

I have found in the Bible only one time where a woman went to war, and it was be- cause of a certain man who didn't nave the backbone to go alone. Does this not tell us something when women are brought into the military service?

In the realm of religion, much remains to be desired in church administration.

God, being both Lawgiver and Judge, is a believer's defender: but he defends only to the extent that one is in the right.

When I see an offender vigorously defending himself, I gather he is either ignorant of what the Bible teaches, or doesn't have faith in God.

We do not convince the world that we are dead to its ways by refusing to suffer to be defrauded.

The innocent delight in counting all others as innocent, and this stand often sees him as a loser.

To gain one's way by contention is to lose the best part of a transaction.

Submission to God is putting our trust in him and in His providential care: knowing that all things work together for our good.

I will take sides on issues, so long as I know there is a right side to take.

Apathy aids in the fall of morals into the pit of degeneracy, and promotes the works of the devil.

The time was when the wicked feared the Godly, but now they mock them. The reason no doubt is, men no longer stand up for God as in times past.

Keeping religion within the walls of any church building poses no threat to any vice.

Law enforcement agents would exercise a much stiffer hand against crime, if the religious folks would sound off.

The solution to problems is not nearly as lacking as the backbone to apply them.

Cleaning up any kind of mess requires a certain amount of humility, willingness, and generally hard work.

There is less glory to being a supervisor than many imagine, and there is a strong danger of destructive pride present.

A lack of appreciation for what one receives from others is coupled to an unconcern for the welfare of others.

Some people just live and die, and that is about the extent of their reputation.

Though we give an employer a good day's work for wages, still we owe him gratitude for the job which he did not have to hire us to do.

Employees do not generate the jobs they fill, nor do many of them invent things of profit for their employer. Therefore he should have the right to hire and fire whom he will.

Every thing of a doctrinal nature created by the imagination of man is error, even though it appears to resemble truth.

All who come to truth meet on a common of common understanding.

Truth is void of all impurities, hence it contains no poison to the soul, yet the addition of error makes it poisonous.

Truth, as it may be called, dressed up in garb that makes it appealing to the flesh is deceitful and false.

The Holy Spirit is that Spirit of truth who alone can open up man's understanding, and the presence of confusion means the absence of the Spirit, on whichever point the confusion rests.

The saving grace that frees from sin is the same grace that preserves from sin.

See a man continually changing his views and ways? He is having trouble with his moral values.

Many noble thoughts if treated too lightly will not long abide with their thinker, nor produce any good.

A tired prayer is about as useless as a formal prayer, which does little more than fill in a space of time.

The amount of energy spent on any project usually equals the interest and hope of there being good in the project.

I continually meet people deeply disturbed about conditions, but somewhat short of being moved to act.

We should defend the truth as the only means of salvation, because it is.

Men are sometimes strong in personality, but not always for the good.

We feel offended the most when our ego is punctured in its most tender spot, and there appears to be no harder wound to heal.

Salvation is not a top coat worn merely to cover up one's poor garb beneath it.

The person who wears the robe of righteousness is always going about doing good.

We would suppose that truth is essentially available to every one alike, but I do declare that in some instances I have met some souls whom I thought were total strangers to it.

There is no single message preached that is a cure all for all of man's problems, no more than one meal will for ever satisfy man's hunger problem.

Men have physically worn themselves out trying to help other people find themselves, and when they did, some of them resented it.

Multitudes have reached the place where they must decide between serving God or self, so down the road many trudge with self.

We are in a building process every day, either improving or destroying our reputation and character, not merely for time alone, but for eternity.

Would it not be nice if men would be men, and not an effeminate reproach to their own sex? For muscles they have enough, but morals they do not, leaving them as mere brute beasts.

To appear to be well thought of by all men is no assurance that we will have any special influence over them, for we know not their innermost thoughts.

A man's mouth is capable of offering up a variety of sacrifices, from which the smoke often gets in other people's eyes and blinds them to the other man's real motives.

Rulers are to be a terror to evil works, not a defender of such, as recent judgments have revealed.

The need for additional penal institutions begins in the home, nor is the need much abated by some churches.

The growth of the soul is gradual in development, either in a good or bad sense.

The plan of salvation was formulated in the mind of God without the counsel of any man, nor has God consented to changes since then.

A man feels successful if he can market his wares, though they be not what society needs.

The praise coveted by a laboring man, when received, will not satisfy his hungering.

Our soul must prevail over our appetites, if we are to claim victory of any kind.

Self sufficiency is the darkest deceit that a soul can indulge in.

If we are spiritually able for any occasion, it is because we have strength from another source.

Only vain pride would keep us from confessing our need, or of depending on some other of God's children for help.

Men who do not avail themselves of the wisdom that is at hand about them will never better their surroundings.

Blind zeal is injurious to many causes.

Every soul that is set free wants all other souls to be set free.

The Bible is that rule by which all the works of man can be rightly measured for their true values.

Heresy, though a misinterpretation of the Bible, encompasses more than that, for it is designed to lead souls astray from the truth.

Heresy is the product of an evil spirit.

Heresy is perversion, nor will it mix with true humility.

The spirit of heresy demonstrates no compassion towards a believer, for it seeks not to save, but to destroy.

In its design, heresy aims at drawing away disciples from Christ after error.

I cannot allow that heresy and honesty can long share the same heart.

Every spirit that seduces is a blinding spirit, and a blind person stumbles over many things.

If a person can be half right and half wrong, doctrinally, then perhaps they can be half saint, and half sinner - but who can believe such?

Some people who are doctrinally right can not properly define doctrine, yet it is a work in their heart.

People who indulge in sinful pleasure and will not repent, will nevertheless labor to justify themselves.

We retain our individuality without being sectarian but independence is intolerable.

To have personality is to be an individual, and personality is pliable, character is adjustable under influence, while reputation is that assigned to us by our observers.

You can admire a person without being able to discern their true character, for the latter is spirit related, by which it can be very elusive.

We feel some comfort in believing that others think more highly of us than they ought, or than we dare think of ourselves.

When others flatter us, we tend to rely on their judgment, knowing neither their purpose, nor understanding their words.

God accepts full responsibility for the actions of his obedient children, therefore they need not fret if censured by men.

A dull mind never produces things which lead to exciting adventures.

The pressures of a storm brings on restlessness and anxiety, yet in such we can still find a blessing.

A cloudless sky gives no hope of rain or a crop, yet it can be preparation time for an eventual blessing.

A season of inactivity can be the means of strengthening our determination, that, at the next opportunity we will use our talents to the best of our ability.

Jesus demands nothing of us but what He has first proved possible.

The leader who commands that his followers move forward, while he is hesitant, by his actions he nullifies his command,

It is not uncommon for some to think of a believer as an oddity, but only because they do not see the reason for being different.

Physical sickness is but one result of the terrible fall, yet it is a constant reminder to the saved who look back at the pit from whence they came.

Aiming at retirement is presumptuous living for all who know not God.

Blindness is a normal state of the sinner who thinks he is blessed with the trivial nothings of this life.

Backsliding is the exercise of poor judgement, for the backslider supposes that the fruit of sin is more precious than a life of holiness.

Turning one's back on God is like going from riches to poverty. The misery that follows witnesses to the same.

Human nature, by the law of ethics, demands that a leader be energetic, oriented, and deliberate in his actions.

Certainly I would like to affect the whole world for the better, but am I doing the best I can for a few?

There are two kinds of holiness fighters. those who fight for it, and those who fight against it.

How long should one tarry in the first work of grace before going on into the second? Only long enough to learn there is a second work, and how to get it.

The person that denies two distinct works of grace, with a cleansing in each, is somewhat blind. But he who fights against them is mad.

I indeed trust the merits of the blood of Christ to atone for my past sins, and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness, just like the Bible teaches it - don't you?

It is a wealth of knowledge, and a boon to religion, when men and women cease to be self-righteous, and submit to God's righteousness.

Some winds of doctrine are as destructive to the soul as tornado winds are that rip up trees, are to those trees.

The way that some doctrines divide people up into opposing groups you almost have to admit there is a spirit involved, and it is not the Spirit of God.

When I read something good and wholesome, it is common to suppose that its writer was also a good man, if he wrote it as from the heart.

The first rule we use by which to judge others is a comparison of ourselves, and man often has a poor estimation of himself.

Salvation is as much of a reality as our breath, and both come from the one and same source.

I dare not allow less tolerance for my brother and sister in the Lord than l do for myself, and it is common for a man to make excuses for his actions.

If we would take the pains to put into effect our good thoughts, it would have a bearing on our actions and influence.

Men who are weak in their soul are usually head strong.

Lukewarmness stifles the fight in a man which he needs to stem the tide of indifference.

The person with a spirit of laziness who continually excuses himself, is really affected with lukewarmness and doesn't recognize it.

Lukewarmness will not encourage a sister or brother to measure to the standard of dress, for though they do so outwardly, it is because of pressures and not their own desire.

To pretend any thing is to exercise one's self in a deception, leading into other woes.

To own our ignorance in any given matter is the first step to gaining a knowledge of what is right and good.

Though we are daily advancing out of the dark stages of ignorance, yet we have not passed the last stage of development and learning till death takes us away.

Wishing that others would think more of us than they ought is a sure sign that we already think too highly of ourselves.

A vain air of importance is a pride like fool's gold, it may glisten, but it produces in us nothing but a vain strut.

It is right that we should encourage others to do right, and influence should yield some good fruit.

The absence of worry is no sign that one is secure, for such can be obtained under the influence of a deception.

How long can any nation permit lawlessness to run rampant, yet be a stable society? It just cannot be!

To wait upon God is to do Him service and to procure to ourselves a living hope.

Waiting upon God implies a trust in Him, that no move of consequence will be made to His displeasure.

To wait upon God is to remain in a state of expectancy, an answer is on the way.

If we are truly working for God there ought to be some visible signs of our labors.

It appears to be hard for some people to detect the spirit of lukewarmness, especially those affected by it. But it is the putting of physical comforts above the spiritual needs and duty.

Lukewarmness takes the edge off of conviction, just as it takes away the urge for prayer.

People who desire to get out of worship service promptly in order to pursue some sensual pleasure, are hard hit with lukewarmness, if not spiritual death.

The spirit of lukewarmness is not only adept at excuse making, it is a perfect fault finder.

Sacrifice and lukewarmness are not compatible.

Lukewarmness does not suffer one to get under a soul burden.

The lukewarm person does not see any good in visitation work, personal witnessing, or inviting souls to services.

The lukewarm person is not sincere in pursuing the standard of holiness, for after their spirit of indifference they will cut corners.

Prayer is the backbone of spiritual life, which it is not normal for a lukewarm person to manifest.

Lukewarmness does not suffer the soul to content for truth at the loss of friendship, for many love their friends more than they love the truth.

When people have plenty of energy for indulging in picnics, outings, and physical exercises, yet avoid fasting and prayer efforts, lukewarmness has them.

When it is hard to get a prayer group together, in a local sense, or at campmeetings, or for any worthy cause, lukewarmness has taken its toll.

Lukewarmness removes the urgency for Bible reading and family devotions, and in its place the pursuit of worldly things enters in.

The soul that is on fire for God shares no sympathy for the lukewarm spirit, and their labors prove such.

Lukewarmness, like despondency, is not so easily cured.

Toleration is not a healing balm for the soul, especially when other measures are prescribed.

If men weren't so inclined to impress others to believe about them what they are reluctant to believe about themselves they could relax and be what they are.

My companion knows me better than any one else knows me, yet at times she seems to be taken with surprise.

Others are freer to discuss my character and disposition than I, and, if they only knew! They tend to make enough out of what they don't know.

I am glad that many of the imaginations formed about me are not true, nor even a cause for worry.

Many of the gadgets made by man have an on and off switch, but there doesn't seem to be one found for man himself.

People can get either too happy or too mad to speak, and it is dangerous to tamper with their temper.

In spite of all the false religions, the honest soul can still find the truth.

We often spend our time as though it had neither value or ending to it, yet time cannot be bought.

We are men of God only to the extent that he has unlimited access to our services.

A minister's credentials are the workings of God in his life, which includes his salvation, healing, and etc.

The minister who has no ability from God to inspire his hearers, is himself uninspired and fruitless.

The true minister builds a vineyard, the false builds a locust grove, the difference is seen in the fruit they bear.

The fruit of the man of God is the manifestation of God's Spirit through him to do spiritual things.

Divine healing, though it benefits the body, is none the less a spiritual work.

Judging from results, fasting and prayer is taught far more than practiced.

If I do not apply myself to the task given to me to help mankind, the opponent of truth will be all the more effective in turning souls away from truth.

We need to transfer the energy of the mind to the body, if we are going to make our imaginative powers produce.

As it takes a whirlwind to move things a straight wind will not touch, so does it take fiery judgments to move things that a smooth mouthed preacher can't budge.

The constant grind of consistent living does not produce the excitement a discontented soul craves.

It is amazing how much carnal pride lingers in some people even after they get religion, for they refuse to get too religious lest they be branded a fanatic.

Many people have allowed their well of living waters to become clogged with resentment, cutting their supply line.

What the hypocrites do would become more apparent if the saints would relax their fears and rejoice in the Lord.

A true shout of victory cannot be imitated to the extent that the difference between it and the false remains hidden.

I have listened tosome people testify, whom I thought impressed unsuspecting souls more than they did God.

There ought not to be any strain on our conscience to tell what God has done for us, if we are fully convinced that it is the truth.

We are not properly prepared to face the day, unless we have first faced God in prayer for the day.

No day is worth the living, if it is not lived for God.

We glorify God when the glory of God is welling up in our soul, for it is a productive work force.

Without reproof there is no correction, and to be faithful to each other surely requires working grace.

The Jews, as l have so read, ceased to be a nation for Cod once they ceased to reprove one another for their wrong doings.

The soul that fails to recognize and own its weaknesses, and to shun all areas of enticement, is sure to suffer untold regrets some day.

Anticipating the indulgence in some particular pleasure is like playing with a trap, when that pleasure is of a questionable nature.

I have anticipated pleasure in doing some things, which proved no more than a little disappointing and vain.

The battle of the mind as to what is right and wrong is often clouded by our own desires, proving that all such issues should be settled while all is calm.

Being determined to stand for truth will mean very little if one does not have self control, for that is a God given grace.

The problems of life will continue so long as there is life, yet they can be mastered by the help of God.

There are times that we do not see our way out of some difficulties, but God is faithful and provides us a way out.

We enter into some situations gradually, ant even though we see the pinch on its way, yet we find no way to avoid the clash.

Knowing our own anxieties should help us to better understand those of our fellow man, and have sympathy for him, though we are inclined not to look his way.

Any kind of answer will not satisfy the cautious soul, it must have a reason.

Building up a good character requires both learning and application.

Wishing a thing to be done may appear to have some virtue, but without effort it becomes a vice.

Many carefully improvised programs are offered as a means of helping society to gain unity and security, yet we see much division and uncertainty on every hand. It looks as if man has slighted the Almighty God and is too proud to lay it to heart.

The fruit which the apostles bore was to remain, to continue to produce long after they had stepped off of the stage of action. But, by what means, other than through his believers?

Signs, wonders, miracles, and healing are normal attributes of the Church of God, not an exception.

Contending for the faith includes the workings, as well as the doctrines.

If we, as God's ministers, were examined on the basis of what we produce in comparison to what we preach, how do you suppose we would appear in the eyes of the examiner?

Since God has told us that he will cast every evil thing into the lake of fire, then nothing but what is good will be excepted, and that comes from God.

The powers of darkness must yield to the light, and many imaginary things appear to exist, which, when exposed to the light are soon to be seen as naught.

Fears are frequently nothing more than suppositions, they are expectations based on any thing but the facts.

Vain man, he often assures himself that God is part of his selfish plans, and only when they miserably fail does he consider it otherwise.

Vice is any evil which holds mankind in bondage to sin.

Vice is some kind of filth, morally, and combines in physical and spiritual involvement, a stronghold of corruption to blind the soul of man.

Corruption is any and every deviation from truth and holiness.

No person, once having recognized God's plan for the one true church divine, can continue to be part of some sect group, and still walk in the light.

The idea of an invisible church is very inconsistent with the truth, just as much so as would be a literal kingdom here on earth with Christ sitting upon a throne.

There is no reason for a believer to get ruffled up and display a bad temper, not if he is a true believer in God.

I have plenty of reasons to believe that God's grace is sufficient for every need, when, and as the need arises.

A person reluctant to shed the old things of the world, has not, as is evident, come into possession of the new things of Jesus Christ.

Though sinful things are of no value to mankind, yet we see people indulging in

l re of great profit. them as though they we

The poor deluded souls!

John, in receiving the Revelation message, got carried away in the Spirit and returned with thrilling new. I've seen some others also get carried away in a spirit, and l didn't want to stay within reach or hearing of their falsity.

Though a man's eyes seem to be big, yet his tongue is usually much larger.

People who live beyond their means are testifying to a discontented spirit that is controlling their life, and under it they are inviting trouble into their home.

Although I am not interested that much in politics, yet I am interested in what is morally right, and against what is wrong, and find it my duty to speak out the truth on all such matters.

I believe in holiness because it works, but it does not do what some men would have us to believe, and because of its misrepresentation it is shunned by at least a few good people.

The soul who loves clean and simple living need not worry about what holiness will do to him, for it does not change good eating habits, or require one to be strange in dress. It does purify the heart, and that is good.

A man's tongue can get him deeper into trouble than any accident he may have.

The tongue has a greater outreach than any mechanical device invented by man.

Since the invention of the telephone our words can fly almost at the speed of light, it seems, and on occasions void of such.

I have heard some things said which made me cringe, and repeated other things that ought to have made me cringe.

The threat of the tongue would arouse no fear, were it not for the spirit behind the speaker.

Words are so slippery that they can sink down into a man's heart and wound him before he can raise up a defense.

The pen is a weighty device, but the little tongue is more dangerous.

We are, to some degree, dependant upon our tongue for communicating, and we have a tasting ability to discern between good and bad. By proper use of the tongue we can get out, or stay out of trouble.

The tongue holds an unimaginable force but we know that the force exists apart from that little member, for the force is in the condition of the heart.

When we speak of a man's tongue, we mean of course the condition of his heart, for the tongue is apt to utter nothing that the heart doesn't give consent to.

The deep thoughts of man are revealed by the words of his mouth.

Man would judge himself to be better than he is, and only by the grace of God does he keep from plunging into deception.

I do not always tell others what I feel, think, hope, wish or contemplate, and some things I would hide from myself if that were possible.

Thoughts are presented to our mind, not always of our choosing, and it is our own responsibility to separate ourselves from the undesirable ones.

Some secret things of a man may never be known in this life by others. He may do many things borderline wrong and never get taught by any one but himself.

Our thoughts may excuse or accuse whatever actions we take, but we choose to keep company only with those that excuse. The others keep company with us.

The poor timid soul who is reluctant to admit what he sees of himself in the mirror finds reality a hard dose to swallow.

Some facts, once presented to my mind fairly shook me up at first, for I did not want to be true what was too evident to be false.

Life incorporates the complex results of what we see, hear, read and feel, all of which affects us. In the direction which we are persuaded, so is our character molded.

Infidels are not born as such, they are the results of the soul being out of harmony with God and reason.

An atheist is a soul who can't master God and therefore denies Him. He is blinded to God's greatness and his own small mind.

Lengthy sermons and articles sometimes result from the man not being able to explain a simple matter in simple terms, as would best suit the subject.

I would know myself, then know God who gives grace for me to be what I ought.

What I secretly wish to see or meditate upon finds its way into my curious investigations and observations, though I wish to conceal them from those around me.

It is one thing to have evil thoughts, and yet another to have thoughts about evil things. The first is an outcropping of a wicked heart, the second is dumped upon us against our will.

It is madness to hoist a white flag while a lethal weapon is yet concealed in one's bosom.

© Copyright February 1984

A.K. Chancellor

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