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A crop of sayings

by A. K. Chancellor


I dedicate this volume of variety to those whose curiosity will urge them to discover in these pages some of the things which experience dictates. If a man or woman is willing to know about themselves, they can also know somewhat about others.

This is a crop of short sayings, if you wish to call it such, but my purpose is to expose the frailties of man and suggest remedies by the grace of God.

Some people tire easily of reading long paragraphs, so that problem has been licked in this booklet. There is no particular subject in mind, other than things in general.

I trust that after having read this booklet you will have been enriched in your spiritual life. Otherwise my efforts will have been in vain.

May 1984

A. K. Chancellor

Suspicion is that keen ability to see that which doesn't actually exist.

Supposition is the taking for granted those things which should require some proof by investigation.

There are more jewels in out of the way places than is found on the market, as there is more to be known than we know.

Though men leave many important marks behind them, apparently they go unnoticed by the majority, who in time have to leave a similar mark of their own, and for the same sad experience.

Divine healing is not an act of the mind, but God responding to faith.

I have found no better weapon against the tongue of a scorner than silence, or a soft answer.

Reflecting over my past, I find that experience has taught me better ways of coping with most problems.

I have yet to fathom how that one can have peace within, while engaged in an inner war, for peace is quietness.

Sleepless nights of tossing and turning in bed could mean that one is wrestling with evil spirits or physical pain.

The only reason that people quit the Lord, throwing up their hands, stems from the same problem that the first Adam had - self love.

Committing all things to Cod, and then trusting, is the surest way to gain a living knowledge.

There is no question in my mind but what God has been watching over me all of my life, administering correction as needed.

Men will claim to be right, when no evidence of such is in their favor, and claim innocence when guilt is reflected all over their face.

We each have a Bible to our own liking when we close our eyes to truth, and follow after our own selfish desires.

When we readily admit to a perversion of appetite, we can soon find a cure.

Most people have a greater ability of ignoring reality than they confess.

Feelings are harder to explain than are the facts: for we may feel easy in danger, and feel uneasy in a calm. This is one reason men tend to run when no one is chasing them.

Salvation is a springboard to rejoicing when things look bad.

Self deception is the most dangerous and subtle of all sins, and the hardest to cure.

Before a minister can lead others to a fountain of life, he must know where it is, how to get there, and what it will do for those who drink of it.

Many preachers want their people to get only enough religion to make them true and faithful in giving and attendance -but not enough to set them on fire for God and right.

Any preacher that excuses his people from getting all that God has willed to them in an experience of grace, has no appreciation for the church of God, or holiness.

Every saint ought to be suspicious of any smooth tongued orator who makes claim to being a preacher.

The preacher that talks only of love and mercy, and never about the wrath of God, knows little about love and mercy.

When I see how that some folks resent witnessing for the Lord, it lets me know that they do not have a love for either God or man.

The person who thinks that their judgment of things is never wrong, ought to reflect over their past, and recall the sighs and groans over their wrong doings, their poor judgment, and etc.

Men judge other men by their actions, though in their will or consent they may have been guilty long before they acted.

When a man holds a grudge against another, he is apt to secretly counsel himself on how he may give vent to his spite, without becoming the loser.

Reading the Bible in a sincere manner, with no design but to improve one's own spiritual state, is the surest way to come to the truth.

Only when right prevails can the righteous rejoice.

To please one's neighbor, or self, at the expense of displeasing God, is but to indulge in loose sensuality.

So long as a man cannot be wrong in his own eyes, there is no healing of his wound.

Accusing another never lessens one's own guilt, nor corrects one's own error.

Moral law is not some teaching that is subject to decay or change - - it is an eternal principle from God, from whence springs all right actions under the influence of his Spirit.

Our helplessness is seen in the manner of fruit that we bear.

No man truly hears what his ears fail to take in, nor sees beyond the reach of his eyes, and so it is in spiritual things as well.

The nearest that man can come to committing an immoral act without indulging his body, lies in his will, which, when yielded to consent is already that much guilty.

Competition is a carnal trait from which spiritual minds should flee.

Keeping track of the number on the roll is likely to feed pride, and incite one to make allowances contrary to scripture, or to assume error.

A nose count means nothing in the work of God, for God alone knows the hearts of all men, and he keeps the record book in heaven.

Number your people if you will, but you gain no assurance that they will all help in the battles, or in support.

I have jumped to some conclusions when there was no sound evidence justifying the move.

Cur strokes at evil generally hit some personality, at least so in our mind.

The way some people find consolation is by covering up their feelings of remorse through a false air of joy.

I am skeptical of the loose tongue, in that I perceive it to be a source of distraction from true circumstances.

Like a bird distracts a cat by its commotion and chatter, so do some people seek to divert attention.

We do not want others, even our nearest friends, to know the sad contemplation that at times harass our minds and plague our feelings.

Although we know that all in the work of salvation depends upon God, yet we seek out various inventions to improve upon his work, only to find out that it always fails.

There seems to be no greater obstacle in life than the one that hinders our entering into prayer, often and effectually, thus men fail to pray.

When a person goes out of their way to help others, only a pure motive will bring about a satisfying reward.

There is no evil work that a person can do that is beyond the discerning power of the Holy Spirit, who is greater than all other spirits.

Selfish aims come clothed is various shades of garb, but our reaction at gain discovers to others the secret garb which we wear.

Any labor to impress others by contributing to a need, is often met with indifference in the one we are trying to impress, and that begets disappointment to us.

A covetous nature will make exceptions to the demands of the gospel, and lean toward a respect of persons.

It matters but little as to what hour of the day or night our service is performed, it is our attitude that counts.

We are tempted to be impatient with a few things that are normal, and tolerant with ill-favored things.

When something appears to us to be bad, we usually link it to some person whom we think to be likewise bad.

We are not equal to the demands for holy living without the inner workings of the Holy Spirit.

Loving, only to be loved, is selfish.

The greater portion of professed love is self-seeking, and one's actions reveal their secret aim.

Disinterested love is the only kind that will benefit the one being loved more than the one loving.

At times the enemy may impress us with the thought that we are laboring to exalt self, but such is only intended to hinder us - - for if it were true, he would try to conceal such from us.

Though some would pretend to build their dwelling by springs of living water, yet they live near a barren desert spiritually speaking.

My meditations are sweet when centered upon right things, but grievous when plagued with thoughts of wrong.

The hours are the darkest and most dangerous when the demands of the house are for the hurt of the inhabitant.

A man's evil past surely bears some influence upon how much trust he puts in other people, at least for a while.

People who compare preachers with other preachers are either gamblers, or just plain ignorant.

When the soul has an artesian well from which to quench its thirst, it will not be hunting cisterns.

The Israelites grumbled at the manna that God sent them, crying for meat, and they got it at a high cost of living, for some died while it was still in their mouth.

If we would spend less time trying to figure out how a brother or sister is going to make it, we would ourselves be healthier, spiritually speaking.

Some ministers take a text, indicating that God hasn't given them one yet.

One of the more vain imaginations which a man can have is the notion that he controls the blessings of God over his other creatures, the ones whom he has come into disagreement with.

The Protestant millenium is equal to the Catholic purgatory, so far as the Bible is concerned.

The reason why some men can't labor together is because they are working on different projects, some not of God.

Wealthy ministers are not imitators of Jesus or the apostles, for they taught and practiced self denial.

Few there be that ought to say "follow me as I follow Christ," for of a truth they do not follow him.

The smooth tongued preacher will oil a path to hell and cause many souls to slide to their destiny thereon.

Besides the lord's over God's heritage, or the weak and spineless preachers who stand for little more than benediction, you will find very few faithful men.

It is one thing to aspire to greatness, and quite another to be effectively used of God, and men need to discern the difference.

By a right application of effort, God's children help each other to stay awake.

Until we learn that our body is to serve God's purposes, we are apt to be somewhat selfish.

God makes his ministers a flame of fire but worldly preachers do well to even raise a smoke.

If it wasn't for the church of gad, the church of God would prosper better.

It is not hard to submit all things to Cod which do not immediately affect us, things about which we are not even curious.

A feeling of smugness at another's woe is a feeling that precedes a fearful experience.

Every man and woman who differ with us on doctrine may be counted a foe, yet we too have in the past made many adjustments in our thinking.

Records are permanent accounts which we call history of good and evil, and our daily life is furnishing material for the great judgment day.

People know us for what we are, up to a point at least, and they will allow us more of good after we are dead, than while we are living.

The things which we allow to be right or wrong only in our minds are not always made known to others, therefore do suspicions arise from our actions.

A division maker in the religious realm is one who is seeking after followers for either himself, or herself.

The character of some would be reformers is too much unlike that of our Lord to be of any good.

Since every glance of the eyes, desire of the flesh, enticement or submission, is of spiritual value, all of our conduct is material for the judgment.

That which is done in secret bears influence upon our actions openly.

There is no spirit that is not subject to the Father of spirits, therefore who ever rebels against the Highest may be turned over to the lowest spirit for punishment.

God, the Creator of all, can give whomsoever he will over to unclean spirits as it pleases him, as a retribution for wrong doing.

Woe to that puny little creature called man, who being no more than a worm, yet in pride defies his Maker.

Duty deferred warrants reward withheld.

We tend to condemn others with words when we cannot help them otherwise.

Leading others to think too highly of one's self may give them reason to expect more of them than they can produce.

All things serve the purposes of Cod, though he is not willing that one soul should perish.

How hardly can a man rise above his circumstances, unless he exerts some physical initiative along with faith?

Apparently, we are so prone not to draw back from worldly attractions, though we well know the unprofitableness of them.

Fair weather religion is good only when things affecting us are fair.

Death leaves a vacancy which no human sympathy can fill, vet it helps to have people around to talk with, who can feel what you feel.

Many worshippers there are, whom I fear can hardly wait until worship service is over, to go out and indulge in some fleshly appetite.

Two types of war is being waged, and plans are formulated and carried out, and both kinds affect us all, for no war is without spiritual ties.

There is no activity of human involvement that is without its spiritual influence.

All traffic of what ever source or concern is motivated by a spirit.

Leaving good things undone sacrifices a spiritual blessing.

Men who ridicule pure religion are admitting that they have either backslid-den, or never tasted of it.

Dreaming of a partial success means that one has set his goals too low.

If I have certain questions about myself, why do I cringe when others bring them up?

The stillness of the night offers a different type of meditation than does the daylight hours.

We tend to become dissatisfied with another's ways - when our own are questionable.

A respect of persons attitude lies in our refusing to hear both sides of a controversy.

Any profession of faith beyond actual possession will some day be proved in trial.

When selfish ends cannot be gained by one means, some other selfish act will be used, if no more than retaliation.

As the heart is cleansed in sanctification, so is the mind and affections.

The exercise of faith requires that the soul act, and often involves the body.

Everyone in whom I have confidence, are they also with whom I have fellowship, up to the point of their permission.

I do not consider anyone to be serving God who walks contrary to what His word teaches, when I know that they know what it teaches.

When people get nervous talking about the things of God, I feel that they have an attitude of insincerity or dishonesty about them.

Some people are far more bold to assert their opinions - than they are to live their convictions.

There isn't any one with spiritual insight but what they know that America needs revival - but are they convinced that only God can give revivals?

One strong point of constructive meditation is, it serves a better purpose than weak points of contention.

Jesus came to save us from our sins, not to excuse us from the obligation to live holy.

Men who respond to the Spirit's leading will become mighty warriors of the cross.

Hoping for a thing is not necessarily a foundation for expecting it.

Every worshipper has the praise for his own God, whom it appears he showers with little other than lip service.

I suppose it doesn't seem good to question whether or not people are walking in the light, but at times we do question - which light?

To have light that has become darkness, is even worse than not having had light at all!

Why should God bless us with things that we are wanting, more than with the things which we need?

How strange it is that we can get our wishes and needs across to God, but he can't seem to get across to us?

Praying is mostly nothing but begging, and it is hard to get a proud man to practice begging.

We pray for much, and think we believe we will get it, but how much can God expect from us?

Suspicion and confidence are repulsive to each other, and to one or the other we will yield as we show ourselves to be persuaded.

Knowledge is as a great river, which we do well to merely discover the shores thereof, and drink of its substance.

Some people, like salt, are best when they come in small doses.

Our troubles can become gateways to untold blessings, if taken right.

When a person is fretful, even healthy things will tend to vex him.

There is no problem without a solution, if we are willing to face the facts, or if God's mercy has not been spurned.

After a man has misspent most of his life, he takes up the mourning which his former friends have had for him while there was yet hope while viewing his wayward living habits.

While men are weighing the deeds of others in their minds, they ought to keep their finger off the scales.

The man who is disgusted with his lack of success, may upon close examination, find that his problem is envy, or a desire for vain glory.

God made many creatures with a backbone but when man has trouble with his backbone it is a serious matter.

Being the salt of the earth means more than being tasty. Salt also cleans and preserves.

It is reason that the selfish can never see beyond their selfish horizon.

By no other means can we correctly weigh the things that we hear, except by the Word of God.

The things that I hear do not always convince me, even though at times they perhaps should.

It is well that a man use caution in judging himself, seeing that we are creatures of prejudice.

A constant look up will soon release a man's attention from only earthly possessions.

At times we attempt to impress our friends with sayings and deeds that are more often the means of driving them from us, than of helping.

If actions are a true indicator, some people fear that there is a hell, and others fear there is not one, one reality testifying to another.

Having traveled around some, I find that people are generally about the same everywhere, the most of them are without God.

The abundance of pleasure offered in this life may suggest that there are none in the world to come, but what an awakening awaits the deceived!

The greatest difficulty I ever had with segregation came from my childhood teaching, and when I got genuine religion, it solved that problem.

Since many people read a lot, it puts a responsibility upon the righteous to furnish them with wholesome material to read in counteracting the evil.

Self control will not work until one has a grasp on something stable, like the "Rock of Ages."

People given over to switching opinions often ought to be prepared to also accept a frequent change of associates.

Those who refuse to accept the truth when it is so apparent, erect a witness against themselves that they love their state of deception.

I am against liquor, whether by the drink, sip, bottle, dram, shot or mix, or just the smell.

Vice never paints a true picture of itself when peddling its goods, else it could not be sold.

Thousands of fears arise, only to die alone, proven false.

Strutting is the reaction of self esteem, the giving vent to making a fool out of one's self.

Any man discrediting the knowledge of another is exposing the hole in his own sack.

Many times I have misjudged another's ability, either in what he could do or could not do.

When God directs a man in his labors, there will be sweet contentment and a great reward, though the work itself be ever so hard and tedious.

Any person not willing to go God's way will be abandoned by the Spirit, and left to go his own way.

Some who refuse to submit to God's way are given over to a delusion, and imagine that they are his children, though very vile in heart.

He that is looking for an easy way to heaven is sure to be shocked when his ticket for eternity is read.

The boast of being a minister of the gospel without knowing the basic essentials, ought in itself to be cause for embarrassment.

A man indisposed to study God's word, and seek his will, is unfit to be a leader.

I well remember the time when I confessed to God that I had to be wrong on a certain point, and in so doing, he helped me to get the right view.

Even when I have known that the other fellow was in the wrong, yet a deep searching of myself was well worth the effort.

An uncontrolled tongue is capable of creating confusion when there is no just cause for its existence.

If false prophets were not inspired by some spirit, their doctrine would fall to the ground, and the battle between truth and error would cease.

Pleasure seeking meditations are unprofitable

Too many people are looking for a ripple on the water to indicate that they have found the truth, but even wicked politicians can produce ripples of inspiration for their cause.

Some people are so wise in themselves that they appear to discredit God with either wisdom or power.

The only time in youth that I despised poverty was in the presence of mockers, and it was a matter of false pride.

It is apparent that God has not suffered man to examine his own heart to see all that lurks there, else he would be so discouraged that he would despair; but only God can know us fully, and yet have hope for us.

The man who supposes that he discerned all of his need at the time he was converted is not very well enlightened.

For a man to rejoice in salvation all the while that he is progressing and overcoming is a mystery, and a work of God.

Never weigh down your mind until you tip the scales, for that is vain.

You can never know other men better than you know yourself, yet you're more likely to openly discuss them than yourself.

The reason I publish my reflections is because it is the way I see things at the moment. It doesn't mean that I haven't seen them differently before, or that I won't see some of them differently a little later, but it is the best I know for now.

Preachers who are not willing to work things out between themselves, do not have the work of God sincerely upon their heart.

It appears easier to blame another than to dig for the truth. Perhaps it is because we don't see dirt too easily in the dark!

A man who questions his religion surely doesn't have the pure kind, for there are no questions about the true - it works!

There are some things so definite, that to apply a question mark would be dishonesty.

I do not hold that people are either idle or indifferent just because they don't see some things.

Taking a stand for what is right generally requires that we express ourselves against the wrong at times.

Casting all of our cares upon the Lord should take in all that the future holds, as to anxieties.

Consecrating our body and soul to the service of God is the only way to the peace that passeth all understanding.

Resignation from the office of self-sufficiency is the only means of making room for the Holy Ghost.

In fighting the battle between faith and unbelief, the winner dominates our lives.

Faith is not the product of man, but is a gift of God given to man to use.

I dare not question the results that follow sincere prayer, when I know the motive was right.

If I make a move in good faith, it is not my place to question the results.

The character of a Christian is such that he repels evil spirits by a holy atmosphere and testimony.

Some people get excited about what the mark of the beast might be, and they don't even know what the beast is.

A study of the Bible reveals the nature of the beast who marks its followers, and they are of the same nature.

An educated discussion is hardly possible when the facts of the subject are missing.

A good way to reap distress is to indulge in contention.

A claim of loving someone is likely a cover up when the evidence is lacking.

There are times when some things do have an appearance of honesty, although in reality they are very corrupt.

The man who is ignorant or skeptical about his product makes a poor salesman, and if he is lazy, he's apt to end up begging.

Excuses are a curse to morality and honesty.

There are so many ways of getting back at people, that, if it's any consolation to do so, it ought to come fast, but remorse is always on its heels

Some people act in a blunt head-on manner, while others try to conceal their weapon.

I've worn patched clothes, went hungry, and done without many things, but filth is no necessity or excusable among most people.

Once a man has gone fishing a few times he ought to know more about patience.

Good common food does more to stabilize the body and mind, than does any dainty offered to man.

What else can one expect of a boy after inviting him into an apple orchard, then whetting his appetite on a juicy apple? He is liable to be enticed later on to slip through the fence to get one without an invitation.

Put a boy in a cotton sack to pull cotton, and keep his mind on new shoes, and clothes for the winter, and a bowl of ice-cream after work and he is not likely to give you any trouble.

It's natural for a boy to go a thumping his way through a water-melon patch, and if one sounds just right, he is apt to end up with juice on his elbows.

Every boy ought to have some chores to do, if he is to learn responsibility and respect.

An unsupervised and loose boy will soon have mischief on his mind, and guilt on his conscience.

The danger of becoming morally corrupt comes not from running with a crowd, but from being with the wrong crowd.

Psychology has not, and never will cure the ills of a bad-natured boy, for such ills are of long standing, and a switch is generally a greater convincer.

Talk about the wrongs of people around your table and you may soon turn your children against you and them.

It ought to be easy for a fellow to see that something is amiss in his thinking when he has to use curse words to express himself.

Why grab at a straw when a floating log is nearby?

There is nothing great in a man that uses those four letter words which are curse words in his speeches.

The bad habits of life begin to form at an early age, and self pity starts in the cradle.

I heard a man speak that thought he ought to toot his own horn, but many people didn't like its tune.

When a man gets sold on himself to where he's puffed up, he's been bilked on the market some place.

See a man proud of his shoes? He'll be careful about what he kicks at.

The power of persuasion in a man's speech is his means of robbing people of their better judgment, often of their money, generally of the truth.

No true minister of God will find any pleasure in, nor give place to, any preacher who mixes water with wine, or offers the people his own home brew.

Wine, as perhaps you know, as a type of the word of God, has been diluted and corrupted by false preachers many ways.

The saints may seem rude at times in how they obey the scriptures in avoiding heretics and hypocrites.

To reject something is to alienate oneself from something objectionable - by either putting it away, or removing away from it.

There is no harm in seeing our nothingness, but that in itself, alone, produces nothing of worth.

What God will not do, as revealed in his word, no man ought to try to do.

The impulses of opposition press harder and harder against us the nearer we get to the eternal prize.

What a man appears to be is not necessarily what he is, for in the depth of trial his real worth is discovered.

We should never allow envy to tempt us to excel, for by such actions we prove our lack of spirituality.

© Copyright May 1984

A. K. Chancellor

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