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And so I think

by A. K. Chancellor


As is apparent by the title I have had a few thoughts I thought would interest at least some folks, mostly saints, and have put them under the heading of "AND SO I THINK."

I know of nothing written without a purpose, a motive to inspire such labor and time spent. My own feelings is to help mankind. What I have to say has, for the most part, been weighed and considered for edification purposes.

I send this small book forth with a desire to see it encourage readers to keep a constant watch upon their lives lest they should have run in vain.

Should you find a mistake either in spelling or application, consider the source and apply charity, for I can assure you such was not intended.

How could it be possible for any one to glorify God before they received the glory of God into their heart?

The glory of God is the manifestation of the wisdom and power of God in one's life, transmitted there by the Holy Ghost.

Feeble lip service is not only discouraging, but also fruitless.

The glory of God rests in his holiness that comes to us through the Holy Spirit. If he is not reigning within, his glory will not be present either.

Thoughts, be they ever so good, if they are not established and made to be productive, are like air castles.

Soft music often produces feelings of serenity, and so does smooth preaching, and both can make one sleepy.

Only those who have been awakened by the judgments of God are likely to keep others awake.

We have said more by the deeds we have done, than by the things we have said we hope to do.

Glorifying God serves as a benefit to his cause, if it is done with a pure heart.

To see nature in it's natural setting is beautiful art, and in some cases man has added to it's beauty with rearrangement, but with poor conduct he is often a discredit to his Maker.

There are two kinds of fear, one is pure and constructive, the other is corrupt and destructive.

Fear is a captivating force which knows only bondage and misery, unless it be the fear of God.

Piety is not actually deep when it is evident that worldly things still dominate one's affections.

Religion is not comely in a woman who is all the time nipping at her husband's heels.

Sure, I believe in counting noses, but every nose is not the nose of a saint.

Man tends to express himself in one manner with his mouth, and in another with his deeds, then justify himself with vain excuses - that is the gist of false religion.

People who want to make room for the flesh will teach some perversion of doctrine.

Holiness people have found that the way of the cross is the only path to repeated victories.

Big preachers stand little chance of going to heaven because the vain puff of pride in their head blocks out the light that would shine in their hearts.

If we could by preaching make the impression on the world that is needed, the altar making business would soon be booming.

My hopes and expectations fall into a battle with each other every time there appears to be a new convert.

I do not recall in over thirty years of my association with the ministry where a penitent who refused to pray at the altar ever got any help.

Only at funerals and in false religions do holiness and hell ever come to an agreement, and it is limited only to what is said by preachers.

If I abhor rebellion in my own life, how can I accept it as a standard for others?

How can we take a soft stand on hard issues? Jesus said, "except a man be born again, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 81 Poor deluded man who thinks he can get him in another way.

Every soul who is in the kingdom of God has spiritual eyesight and an understanding, he knows what he is, and where he is, and how he got there.

Few preach the standard of conduct becoming a child of God, even less enforce it. Surely Jesus did not send some one to preach it whom he did not authorize to enforce it.

If we cannot discern holiness working in others, how are we to prove our own experience?

We are not judging people wrongly when the rule reads differently than their life reads.

If people can violate the laws of holiness and still make it to heaven, then the way is no longer strait and narrow.

Without necessarily thinking so, it could be possible I suppose to leave people thinking a soul went to heaven, though in their life time all the signs pointed otherwise.

God promised his sheep a pastor who would feed them with knowledge and understanding. To despise this system is to despise God and his ministers.

Christ told Peter to feed his sheep, which proves to us that sheep cannot feed each other only.

To despise the judgments of God is to turn one's ears away from truth to error.

David did not abuse the Saul whom God had rejected, but he did flee from him for his life, and that was in order.

God's design of the operation of the church is such that it requires total submission of every member to the head, even Christ.

Paul told Titus to "set the things in order that are wanting." The only ones who are to do this are those whom God calls and sends to pastor his flock. It is a spiritual work and a gift is needed.

How hardly can it be said that the government is on his shoulders, so long as man has his hands on the controls?

The apostles apparently did not have a hand in selecting their successors as they suffered martyrdom, which showed their confidence in God's plan.

Man rule shows up in many forms, but that of refusing God's way is the worst.

The only thing we can safely hate is sin. It is disaster to hate people, their peculiarities or faults.

It is never safe or wise to take up a reproach against any soul for any reason.

You may disagree with a man's philosophy, challenge his stand, and reprove his errors, but doing so for any reason other than to improve his relationship with God is dangerous.

To make sport of another's human frailty is to despise the creature of a wise Creator.

Sin ordinarily is defined as trespassing against God's laws. In some cases I think it overlaps into violating man's opinions, and that provokes more wrath from man than the former.

All sectarian churches are no more than snares into which unsuspecting souls are trapped.

A careless hunter is to be feared, if not in most cases avoided.

Every soul that is right with God need not fear the coming judgment, the consequences of death, but ought not to become careless in living.

We are not to wish death upon others or ourselves, for no person hates their own body who truly loves God.

To thank God for a sound mind and a healthy body, and salvation, does not imply one is anxious to die.

Whether we live or die, if saved, God is with us. It appears that if some do not wish to die they feel they are not saved.

Our commission is to stay busy until God calls us home, and his business deserves our best.

The person that stands uncompromisingly for truth is not manifesting fear of what man can do.

Pleasure exerts influence upon us, giving us the desire to live, and were there no pleasure in life man could wish to die.

Death is an appointment God assigned us to meet, not of our choosing.

Some boast of their deadness to this world, yet exhibit the opposite when one of their idols is touched.

The early Christians took joyfully the spoiling of their goods, for they esteemed their true wealth to be over in heaven.

They went out from us, not being of us - the Spirit of God will effect a right division between him that serveth God, and those who serve him not.

A man's heart that is in tune with God will send forth a message of peace and hope to God's children.

The fall took place in the garden, the fallen were driven from the garden. Only the restored return to the garden, which is the kingdom of God. If they fall again, they will be driven out again.

There is a point in experience when the carnal and divine both share an interest in man's heart and nature, called the justified experience, and sanctification purges the carnal out so that the divine rules unhindered.

Something is terribly amiss in this our day when we lack the zeal and ability to combat the rise of evil.

If we are as consecrated as we profess to be, why do we give over to a soft line of talk, if not wholly to avoid persecution?

For all that is in the world, or in fallen mankind, is not of the Father in heaven1 therefore any inclination to look to desire is adulterous in nature.

The voice of God is his word as it is sent forth under anointing of the Holy Spirit, and God chose to send it through mankind.

Many preachers profess to be the voice of God, but their message does not correspond with the word.

The voice is the expression of Cod's will as it is made known, its pur-pose is to effect a course of action.

The voice of God is no less firm in print that when spoken, for in either case it makes man responsible.

It is necessary that we do prove we are hearing God speak, and not mere man. God's Spirit will help us.

God's voice is the unction of the Holy Spirit, and it never conflicts with the written word.

There is as much a partial unity as there is a partial holiness, or an imperfect love, but there is also the perfect involving the whole.

Any one who claims they are not of the world while sporting the latest fashions and expensive clothing, and lusting after sporty things, is but deceiving himself.

It is expected that a born again person should live a simple life of self denial. But to do what ever comes to one's mind, and to indulge the appetite in questionable things, is nothing but worldliness.

To comprehend what worldly means see what Adam and Eve did in the garden. They rebelled against God and loosed the spirit of selfishness upon their posterity, now mankind runs after the lusts of the flesh - that is why the need of the new birth.

If man would as readily submit to the plan of God as snowflakes submit to wind currents, he too could fit into a beautiful picture for Cod.

Eve's gross sin was self seeking, by which rebellion entered in. Not a few of today's religious folks are still bound with the same problem.

Worldly people have the desires of the flesh exalted above the welfare of their soul, that is worldliness.

Mammon is a word we use to denote riches, the pleasures of the world, for in every case it is the riches of pleasures that separates man from God.

We do not hate our physical body as such, for it is incapable of sin by' itself, but the soul, being spirit, and responsible for the actions of the body, is the cause of sin.

It will be difficult to be spiritual minded until one realizes there is a home in heaven more precious than any here on earth.

Worldliness is materialism at work.

Of the world implies being materially minded, lusting for things which the eyes fall upon that are forbidden, exercising one's self in the pride of life1 and etc.

Complete submission to God's will helps remove anxious cares.

A man of reputation who indulges in off-color jesting sacrifices himself a wealth of influence.

To admire the glory of man above the glory of God is to esteem the thing made greater than its Maker.

We have a mental capacity related to this present world, and a spiritual mind related to eternity, the former will pass away, the latter lives on.

Man can do a physical feat and he is hailed as a hero, but the deed done is the end of the act, except for a little vain glory.

Do something for recognition and others will try to excel.

Pardon is free, but salvation comes at a price.

There is nothing of value but what it costs to obtain it and maintain it.

Coveting after money alters all the moral principles in a man.

The center of the road approach is more often a topic for discussion than a fact practiced. While men profess to avoid a left swing, they are often far to the right, and vice versa, the source of extremism.

If men after the promotion of evil have liberty to profit from the ignorance of people, it is the duty of those in the know to enlighten and hinder their operation all they can.

We are to serve God because we love him, not because we fear him.

There is a right fear of God which means above all else, due respect for his authority, wisdom and power.

It thrills me to know that God is not the author of confusion, nor sympathetic with such.

Exaggeration is a product of an inflated mind.

Why would any one want to go to heaven if they have not laid up any treasure over there?

Flexibility is important, but too much of it indicates the person is not stable.

God feeds the soul with wisdom daily, yet some men take it as a thing of their own.

Fretting says, it won't be done if I don't do it, or it won't be done right.

He is risen! The brightest announcement ever reaching mortal ear, exceeding the news of his birth.

Those who say man has to sin ought to read 1 John 3:8-9, then examine their spiritual birth certificate. They might be surprised to learn who their spiritual father is.

Men will either rise up to combat the evils around them, or leave to their heritage a corrupt example.

I dare not charge the Holy Spirit with all that is blamed on his inspiration.

I generally encourage Spirit filled people to witness to the lost, but when I learn of some of the methods used it frightens me.

It is needful for workers to go out into the harvest field, but the results are making me question the qualifications of some.

If the Spirit used the same tactics on people that some do, in some cases he would drive them insane.

We pray for God to send the Holy Spirit to deal with souls, and while this is generally the wrong concept, yet as a rule it is the safest.

There is no room for compromise when it comes to standing for what is right, but there is also a right way in which to stand for right, and that is frequently compromised.

Every see a crabby Christian? Most surely not! But there are crabby ones who profess to be saved.

The Spirit forbade Paul to preach in two different locations, and if some had a keen ear he might forbid them to preach at all.

I believe that salvation makes each partaker happy, joyful, and pleasant in nature.

Any man that wants his garden rid of weeds and rubbish will delight in strong and straight preaching.

Jesus was not a preacher of toleration as Some might think, he was a preacher of holiness.

I know of no feeling that suits me better than the moving of God's Holy Spirit within.

We'll never know the fullness of joy willed to us until we have learned to rejoice when treated like Jesus was treated.

If we tend to be affected by seasonal comfort, we need to pray for good season all the time.

People become so callused they take God's message insincerely, even to the jeopardizing of their soul.

Water without heat will not produce steam, and to have no steam is to be powerless.

Will men ever quit defying God by mistreating his ministers? or of giving support to the false prophets? Not in this life!

Jesus did not forbid removing a mote from a brother's eye, he just let men know that they should first get the beam out of their own eye.

The work of God will never be successfully done until the fire of God burns bright in the heart of workers.

God's threshing machine is the great church of God, but men have intended them machines of their own making with names in no wise supported by the Bible.

If I cannot effectively use the Word of God which is the Sword of the Spirit against the hosts of evil, then let me tirelessly back those who can.

Some difficulties we face could be lessened if we were able to place all into the hands of God.

Loose living does not fit the character of one on the strait way.

The Word and Spirit instruct me to both hate and oppose all unscriptural differences between believers, knowing that such need not exist.

Two things not compatible in the spiritual realm are light and darkness, love and hatred, Christ and Belial, God and mammon.

Sin is to blame when men who know to do the right cannot find the means to do so

Do you seek compatibility with all who profess? How foolish, you cannot mix holiness with any sin-you-must religion.

False holiness is marked by a lack of the fruit of the Spirit, and all should be able to tell if they are bearing that fruit.

To believe in holiness only because it is taught leaves one without any foundation - the experience is what counts.

If any effort does not bear our form of religion it is bound to be wrong, no matter how much good it is doing.

The problem with many is they see the overall picture of things, and not the intricate moving from which major problems develop.

I know in a measure what a terrible sinner I was by my deeds and interests, and I also know what a great change salvation wrought in my life; so by using that knowledge I feel a little qualified to be a fruit inspector.

If by a wrong display of manner I show contempt at another's foolishness, my foolishness is worse than his.

If is often that those who imagine themselves best able to help others, are least enlightened to the problem.

Let us strive to free every man we can, first from bondage to ourselves, then from all other evils affecting him.

When I see a man down-grading a good man and his proven labors, I know for sure he is up to nothing good.

Thank God for every effort made to lift fallen man and save his soul,

even if it be not by the same mode I would use.

When doctrines apart in some labors, a lack of charity is the greatest obstacle to clear.

I have not imbibed the ecumenical spirit in the least, for holiness can not intermingle with any anti-Christ spirit.

How can I allow any spirit who opposes two works of grace to be any thing but anti-Christ?

Self-righteous men are those who have fought against God's saints since records have been kept.

To determine whether or not a man is self-righteous, examine where his trust is placed.

He is a poor shepherd who wants a following when he himself does not know where he is going.

A man that sits and lets the people of his charge wander about as they please, spiritually, is not a God sent shepherd.

It is called harshness for the pastor to enforce the commands of God upon those who profess, but pray tell me what otherwise would be his duty?

Ministers are to teach effectively the duties of believers toward God and his commands, but above all to be a good example of that faith.

If our attitude and actions keep telling of indifference or unconcern it will be hard to convince any one otherwise.

Jesus said there is four kinds of believers, of which all had the Word sown in their hearts, but only one kind endured to the end.

The one thing people are most apt to stick to over a prolonged period of time is grumbling and complaining.

By not coming to the light of God's word, it's a sure sign of a greater interest elsewhere.

The darkness most people are plagued with today has nothing to do with light bulbs or sun shine.

How we wish men would speak only of that for which they are certain, yet I know of some who have been very certain, though totally wrong.

We do well not to say too much about other people's blunders, when they are the same ones we once committed.

I'm certainly glad that glances are not as damaging as the will behind them appears to be.

A preacher so desiring may wander a-round in the woods and brush, but he is sure to have a following with some getting lost and never coming out.

He is blind indeed who goes round and round in the woods all day while thinking he has seen the whole forest.

The man who supposes he has found a new kind of tree in the woods ought to look around for signs of a dead man's bones.

It is sheer madness to suppose one can help another while he himself is tied to a tree.

Giving out money or material goods can be done with a wrong motive worse than hoarding.

Many sores are covered over which are in the end death dealing, nor are men able to uncover them.

We certainly need both government and controls, because so many people are unable to control themselves.

Sin is stubborn and deceitful, and sinners may set their jaws against tasting the truth which alone can convert them, but some day they will know the truth, though too late.

The fact that men want to decide as to when, where, and how they will be saved is great proof of the awfulness of the depraved nature.

I've never known a soul to get salvation short of coming clean with God, confessing themselves to be in the wrong.

There is what is called drifting away from truth, but the fact one's mooring has been cut could spell nothing but disaster.

People who use carnal means to imply victory, such as drinking and merriment, also prove their lack of holiness.

An unclean spirit is any spirit that works on, in or through any individual contrary to holiness.

To acknowledge there is a tie between spirit and disposition makes it easier to discern, yet one may feign himself to be other than what he 15, and it takes God to reveal that difference.

Wrong training is a sure cause for inticing one to veer from the right paths.

It is some people's lot to be contentious, and no wonder, for that is where they've pitched their dwelling place.

Difficult as it may be to explain, some souls seem inspired to do evil, and they make good servants of the devil.

Faith, though invisible, will still remove mountains.

Though the righteous be outnumbered by the wicked, yet they righteous are backed by the mightiest power.

When professed Christians fully follow Christ, they still turn the world upside down.

Many invisible things do exist and we are affected by them to the extent we allow.

Men search diligently to know more about their Creator, but he knowing all about them is able to remain hid from those with wrong motives.

Some situations are correctable, but only by him with whom we must have to do, for some take more than human power.

Men who aspire to popularity, or to ease of living, or apostasy, and personal gain, are the men most apt to formulate a perverted gospel.

Men who can't be content with the everlasting gospel will spring something new in order to have followers, regardless of how corrupt.

Christ's true ministers are the only ones running on a steady course and sharing equality, for they are not subjected to man-rule.

Suspicion is easily generated in some souls, for all it seems to take is a word of distrust.

Some people who claim to love the truth are Occasionally caught believing in a lie, one that is told on a good brother.

God's children suffer lies and slander against themselves, and if we would accept this fact it would be harder to accept a rumor.

Man's mental philosophy of life bears some weight upon his conduct, but does not necessarily control his every deed.

Some battles I fought a lengthy time trying to win them, but lacked sufficient application of will and grace, and when I secured the latter the victory was won.

Men bent on having their own way will close their eyes to the better way.

Resolutions are apologetic, often made, but seldom expected to take effect.

We suspicion many things about people, perhaps basing them on things we know about ourselves.

We do not advocate the use of craft to get what we want, but use means we hope will not be suspected by others as such.

If all people were as rich as they wish, except those who are contented, the mountains would have to be full of gold.

Some who say they are content with what they have, should they fall heir to great wealth it is doubtful most of them would reject such.

Men do not understand the complexity of their two-fold nature and being, until they are born again.

It is sad indeed when physical desires, normal in-themselves, are so misused to a disadvantage due to perversion of appetite.

People work all kinds of devices to get their desires fulfilled, some even hazarding their lives.

Evil inventions are those things men concoct to promote their own ways.

Start a new convert off on an easy road and they are never apt to be zealous for the right.

How long would evil thoughts linger if they were not given some attention and consideration?

Imagination can be of such a violent nature as to cause us to fear and sweat, when there is no present or immediate danger near.

Imaginations have driven some men to distraction, beyond reason, because they bore such a feeling of reality.

There is no greater consolation than to feel the Spirit of God pouring grace into the soul.

The knowledge of what men ought to do does not necessarily give them the strength to do it.

The company we keep is not restricted to human beings - thoughts affect us greatly, if not more so.

Thoughts may originate from three sources, from God, or the devil, or ourselves. It is up to us to approve or disapprove, to sanction or reject, and that is what affects us.

Refusing to own an apparent affliction upon our body will not heal it, and so it is with the soul.

How can it be that any man, in his right mind, able to read, will contend for sinful living in the face of what the Bible teaches?

When people will not come to the truth, I am convinced it is because they love darkness.

It is what God has done for my soul that brings me the delight and joy of a Christian.

There is no doubt in my mind but what many people are willingly ignorant, and that to their own hurt.

© Copyright March 1985

A. K. Chancellor

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